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Moviease Complaints & Reviews

Moviease - Wisconsin, Edgerton / Predatory Scam

Oct 02, 2015

This company is based out of London, England and their laws are very different from the United States' laws. First, it draws you in by showing movies that you would like to watch, offers a 5 day trial, asks for a credit card, then it offers a 15 day trial, then it does not let you sign in for a few days. When you sign in, it does not have the movies that it enticed you into believing that you were looking forward too. Not even 15 days into the trial, the company charges $50.35, so when you want to take your money back they only want to refund $35.00! They take your money out of your credit...

Moviease / You can't even watch movies on the website

Jun 13, 2012

When i first signed up they charged me $1.01 and said they will reimburse it back because they were checking to make sure i lived in the united states or whatever. Then yesterday they took $50.35 off my card with out me knowing. I called them today and they asked did i want to cancel my account i said yes and i want my money back. They didn't say anything about giving me my money back. And you can't even watch movies on the website. Be careful it's a scam.