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MJS Studios Complaints & Reviews

MJS Studios - Pennsylvania, Colmar / MJS RUINED MY MEMORIES


MJS Studios RUINED my wedding memories. First of all, when we signed the contract with them, they were called Lindelle. Lindelle had been around forever and was, I thought, a reputable company. We met with them at a David's Bridal location, and signed a contract that day. BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE!! Shortly after signing the contract, we received an email and a letter in the mail letting us know they'd changed their name to MJS Studios. No big deal, right? Well, kiddies, it seems that they just can't practice good business and have YET AGAIN changed their name, this time to...

MJS Studios / Scam and cheating


Hi I hired MJS STUDIOS for my wedding in August. Im so sorry that I did but so far no problems yet. But I didn't contact them since i paid. I got them for a nice price as a photographer for my wedding. I got a photographer and a backup photographer, I asked what does backup mean, Does it mean that there will be TWO photographers that day and he said yes. I am hoping its true. Also we filled a contract and gave him 1/3 deposit. Is there anyway to get a refund before its to late for my deposit? What are some things I can do to prevent a bad situation?? What hidden fee's and other stuff do I have to be aware of? Please help me people!!