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MJ Hecker and Associates Complaints & Reviews

MJ Hecker and Associates - Colorado, Englewood / Unprofessional Business Practices


I was contacted today by an employee of MJ Hecker and Associates. They were trying to collect on a debt that I was unaware was still outstanding. I confirmed my birthdate and name for the employee, and requested a tangible statement of the debt be mailed to me...indicating that this must be a medical bill that slipped through the cracks...and I would take are of the debt immediately upon receipt of that statement. I did not deny that the debt was mine, nor did I refuse to pay at any time during the conversation. Mr. Hecker's employee, who spoke so fast that I did not catch his name...

MJ Hecker and Associates - Colorado, Denver / Verbal Abuse


A man who would only refer to himself as Dan called in attempt to collect a debt. I have already filed Bankruptcy so the only only information he could have needed was my attornies name and number. He started by screaming at my 75 year old mother. Then when he spoke to me and started making rude and personal comments. This collection agency is definately the abusive and is why people avoid talking to and attemt to make arrangements with collectors.

MJ Hecker and Associates - Colorado, Littleton / Harrasment


This collection agency pretends to be a lawfirm, but the only want your money. The have big named clients like Exempla. If any Exempla hospital or establishment really looks into how this agency treats people, they would never use them. When MJ Hecker is trying to get a client they tell their employees that there is a client coming in today and to be on the phones smiling and dialing, and PLEASE DO NOT BE MEAN ON THE PHONE.You can only be mean once they are gone.I was employed there and they wanted me to have the patients ask for money from friends and relatives if they didnt have the money...