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misty farm events Complaints & Reviews

misty farm events - Michigan, Ann Arbor / experience

Nov 02, 2011

We had our wedding at Misty Farm. The experience is one that I have to pass along. Although the venue is beautiful, the owner is crazy. She was extremely unprofessional, rude, and clearly in over her head. Word is spreading quickly in the wedding world of how difficult she is to work with. While meeting with her, she also had several racist comments. Hopefully the Ann Arbor area will get another rustic wedding venue that is much better run. Beware! She was nice at first, but it was a disaster at every turn.

misty farm events - Michigan, Ann Arbor / noise

Oct 12, 2011

Repeated and ongoing loud music, excessive traffic, and intoxicated guests. Most of the neighbors choose the area for their homes because of the country setting, which was quiet, relaxed and safe for families. Now we must endure week after week as we are subject to an endless party thanks to Scio Township.