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Midwest Clearing, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Midwest Clearing, Inc. - New Jersey, Hillsborough / FRAUD

This guy had the guts to stay in our neighborhood for over three hours. I watched him. He never gave up. With his sad FAKE story that he was working through college, had to do this to put his way through, just came from New Orleans, etc...etc...He was even here the previous year. Mr. Come back here and we have 50 people waiting for you that are going to find your company and put all of you in jail. You are a horrible person doing this. I will get all my money back and then some.

Midwest Clearing, Inc. / Misrepresentation!

A young woman came to my door , telling me that she is part of a program called Paragon which helps young black men and women get education and training so they don't end up in gangs and helps them be productive citizens. On the form it said in big letter, "NO DONATION". She then showed me a page, like a survey, where I was to sign my name and hopefully give her positive comments about her presentation, etc. She said that if I did this she would get "points" toward receiving $1,000 to be used for her education. I did not sign and lifted the page on the clipboard and saw a long list of...

Midwest Clearing, Inc. / Fraud and cheating!


Midwest Clearing has some questionable tactics in their sales methods. Every summer one of their employees comes by my door. I know who they are with the second they open their mouth. The first thing they do is provide positive comment on your character. Next, they ask you if you have heard of their company. Then, they ask you if you can help them by investing in their personal future. Usually, they have a story about how this company took them from a bad area riddled with drugs and gangs. Then the company teaches them how to sell and change their life to become a business owner. Somewhere...

Midwest Clearing, Inc. / Fraud business practices!


On November 7th, a woman came to my door selling magazines for Midwest Clearing Inc. I told her I had too many magazines already and didn't need anymore. She told me that I could buy 3 magazines for a special deal and send them to the tent cities in New Orleans and make someones Christmas. I listened to her - that was a big mistake. So in December, I started receiving 3 magazines, magazines I have no interest in but magazines that I believed the people of New Orleans would have an interest in. One is on Computer games (I hate computer games), second is raising children (I don't have...