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Midway Chevy Complaints & Reviews

Midway Chevy - Arizona, Phoenix / sales people promise and fail to come through

Jun 16, 2017

On June 10th my husband and I went to Midway and got a truck at the time of sale the sales person Lemar told us that he would get us an extra key to the truck we were getting. Due to the late hour the parts department was closed. My husband went back on Tuesday 6/12/17 to get the key and sign the final papers. Before he went back he noticed that the tail light was out. So when he went to talk to the Lemar he ended up talking to his boss. Well, his boss promised to fix the tail light and get us our key. Again the parts department was closed so they could not get our key. Told him to come back...

Midway Chevy - Arizona, Phoenix / Lies from Sales

Jun 22, 2011

We bought a 2011 Camaro from Midway Chevrolet on Bell Road (Phoenix, Arizona). We put $12, 000. Cash down thinking with money in hand it would make it a better experience and help with the total price. I was lied to, lied to again and then to top it off they called saying they were going to fix everything and guess what “I was lied to again”. To top off the horrid experience both my wife and I took days off work to get this done. My sales “professional” was Jay Lawrence and his “Boss” Cory Pace~ they have made this the worst experience of my life. I will never...