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Miche Bag Complaints & Reviews

Miche Bag - Nova Scotia, Upper Sackville / defective bag/ refund refused

Oct 9, 2011

Bought a miche big bag on November 27, 2010 for 132.00 plus tax. Acouple of months ago one of the skins cracked. Rep (Kathy Levy) offered to replace but would have to add it onto a party. Still haven't got the new skin and this is October. Last week the tab that holds the handle clip on the liner bag came off. A little disgusted so called the rep and asked for a full refund; really don't think this bag will stand up or look good 2 years from now. She wasn't authorized to refund my money but would order me another liner but I would have to, again, wait for another party to be...

Miche Bag - Utah / lawsuit

Feb 2, 2011

Well ladies Miche Bag is at it again. Miche bag is sueing another small business owner! THIS HAS TO STOP! as women we have to stand up and stop buying this bag. It is the only way they will hear us! Please check miche lawsuits see what they are up to.

Miche Bag / Defective Shell


Defective Shell - magnets weak; shell does not hold to bag - Miche and rep (ebay) unresponsive. Received from Corinne Smith, Miche Customers Service. Thank you for contacting us about your bag. Miche Bag stands behind its products and we strive to have zero defects but unfortunately it happens. You will need to contact the original point of purchase as they should be able to exchange it for you. Please let me know if there are any other problems or questions I can help you with. Email: [email protected] - Phone: 801-285-7907 And the finger pointing begins. Finally, Angie Pedersen, Miche...

Miche Bag / straps


I purchased a Miche bag and am satisfied with the bag, but I also received a "free set of longer straps". The only way the straps are usable is to take the bag to a shoemaker, have the short straps cut off, and then have the longer straps sewn on, since there is no way to switch them out. I guess that proves that something free is worth what you pay for it.