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Michael Lance Sierra Complaints & Reviews

Michael Lance Sierra - Colorado, Pueblo / burglarized home stole 5,000

Apr 04, 2015

Mike Sierra was someone that I trusted. I was a bit too late with reading the past negative reviews about him or I would have thought twice about letting him inside my home. I knew Mike for the past 5 years and we always got along. He did a few small tattoos on my body and we were friends. He would come over and we would have a beer or two and just hang out. One day I had to leave while it was in the middle of us working my car. He said he would wrap up and head out and I left. I came back 45 minutes later and Mike was gone and I thought nothing of it. It wasn't until two weeks later when...

Michael Lance Sierra - Colorado, Pueblo / theft of 2,000

Feb 15, 2015

Michael Lance Sierra shouldn't be trusted. I knew Mike for only two years from getting tattoos from him. He seemed like a stand up guy through the entire time. He would travel from Pueblo to Denver. One day he pulled me aside and said he needed to talk. He was struggling really bad for money and said that he couldn't stay a float anymore. He asked for me to put up 2, 000 and he would repay me with 2, 500 the next month. This never happened! He cut me off and stopped talking to me. I started to hear that he ripped off a few people he did tattoos for and owed a lot of people money. I heard thi...

Michael Lance Sierra / stole 3k cash from me

Jan 12, 2014

I wanted everyone to know that Michael Lance Sierra is a scammer and a frontman. He is from Pueblo Colorado but has moved to Denver Colorado and also California. He goes by Mike Sierra and is mainly a tattoo artist at runs a failing design business SierrART and his clothing/lifestyle project Star of Self. I have known Mike for a very long time including Lawrence. A few months ago, Mike came to me talking about how he was depressed. He talked about how he was exhausted of putting up a front that he had money. He was drained mentally of the lifestyle he was putting up and was running out of...