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Meta Capital Partners Complaints & Reviews

Meta Capital Partners / Fraud

Jun 26, 2014

People please do not deposit any funds to this company. My heart is to sore to go and type up 2 pages of experience I have had with this company. Please do your due diligence before you engage in any transactions with them! They have scammed me out of U$ 20000! Well I see it as a lesson for me, a very expensive one! Remember these guys are very very professional. They come over to be very confident about what they do. They build websites of companies that do not exist! They have the persuasion skills to lure you in making more and more deposits!

Meta Capital Partners / They didn't help me when I tried to sell the shares

Apr 04, 2014

I bought shares through the company Meta Capital Partners. So these shares increased in price, but after that suddenly dropped to the lowest price. I decided to sell them and contacted the rep from this company. I heard only stupid promises, but in result I lost money and these shares. They scam and try to cheat out of your money. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this company and our situations.