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Men's Wearhouse Complaints & Reviews

Men's Wearhouse - Pennsylvania, Springfield / poor alterations

Jun 1, 2011

i purchased 2 suits from men's wearhouse, asking for flat pants i was told that i need 1 pleat pants. from the beginning they did not look right, but I was assured the alterations would have them looking great.WRONG, I have never seen such a poor job of altering pants. this suit was for my daughter's wedding and iI was so embarrased I did not even take my jacket off the entire time, since them I went to a seamstress with the trousers who said only the waist was taken in, nothing else, thank God she is able to fix them somewhat, but I paid Men's weahouse for alterations ove...

Men's Wearhouse - California, Pasadena / Did their best to ruin my wedding

Feb 9, 2011

I was married back in June of 2010, but just discovered this website, so I'm only complaining now. Men's Wearhouse was, without a doubt, the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I am jaw-dropped that they have the chutzpah to keep their slogan as "You'll like the way you look, I guarantee it." But let's start from the beginning. I was ordering my tuxedo and my six groomsmen. Though there were other tuxedo shops in our area, we chose Men's Wearhouse because my best man was coming from a different state, and we wanted to be sure that he could be sized...

Men's Wearhouse / Horrible customer service


Responding to an email sale flyer I ordered $300 worth of items on the Men's Wearhouse online site on Dec 8th. Having heard nothing a week later not even a confirmatory email, I called the company and was told the order was held up because one item was back ordered. Only at my insistence was it revealed that the remaining items would be sent only if available when ALL were available, i.e. the remaining items were in no way "on hold" and would likely rapidly become unavailable. The rep suggested therefore that I cancel the prior order and start over with only items actually available which...

Men's Wearhouse / alterations


I purchased two suits from mens warehouse and had to wait several days for the only person capable of measuring. When she measured, the cuffs are not as long as I like but I have a flatter pair of shoes so I can still wear them. I purchased a second suit a few months later and the only person capable to measure for alterations wasn't available and was told they didn't know when she would be. They then gave me the number to their tailor and was told I could take it to them myself. I did and the quality of the tailoring was horrible. Double creases on both trouser legs and a gathering of...

Men's Wearhouse - Florida, Miami / Tricky BAD service


This is my 2nd bad experience with MW (and the last one, for sure). I needed to rent a tuxedo so I called 4 different to check on prices and availability. Average $80, all had availability. Called MW they offered "from 59 + 15 (shoes), and also available", so I went there because it was the nearest. Once in the store, the attendant tells me that there's an extra $20 "rush fee" (never said so over the phone). I told him that everywhere the same tuxedos were at $80, so I wouldn't pay more. He spent a few minutes on his calculator and compute and told me it was ok. That he could take out...

Men's Wearhouse - Pennsylvania, Exton / Did not care that they practically ruined my wedding day


My husband and I chose to use Men's Wearhouse for our tuxedo rentals for our 11/17/07 wedding. My husband had experienced a problem with Men's Wearhouse in the past (a tuxedo for a wedding he was in in 10/06 came in in the wrong size and the children working at the store didn't know how to fix it - he was back and forth to the store 5 times during his friends wedding weekend) but unfortunately for us, Mens Wearhouse has a monopoly on the tux business in our area. This time we chose to go to a different location (Exton Mall in Exton, PA) so as to avoid future problems. Upon...