Mega Download Pass Complaints & Reviews

Mega Download Pass - Indiana, camby / Rip off


I signed up on maga download pass just last night even pulled up a program to download. It just kept saying error so i thought it was just my internet connection. I typed in http: / / www. today and all this rip off stuff comes up so i read a little. Still can't find the right site so to cancel my member ship i just canceled it on the pron site. I even got a cancelation conformation email from them. To reach them call [protected] or or maybe try ur luck on the pron site. I guess i'll see if they still bill me or not wish me luck and good luck to you.

Mega Download Pass / credit card fraud


Hi I'm Joseph, Mega Download Pass has charge my credit card for two payments of 39.73 . I did not authorize those charges I signed up to download movies on a 3 day trial for a $1 and they charge me 14 days later for a total of $79.46 . The people who name was on my bank card statement was WWW.helpful . When I tried to call them they did not answer there phone and I emailed them numerous of times and no response. When I first signed up for the 3 day trial they said that it was only a $1 they lied. They emailed me three different invoices with three different trial charges. From a...