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Mbf Leasing Complaints & Reviews

Mbf Leasing - Washington, Seattle / OUT OF THE LEASE

My hair salon on Sep 25, 2014

After find out getting scam from 2 door to door salesmen, I closed my bank account and sent the confirm to MBF leasing with the letter below: To Whom It May Concern: This purpose of this letter is to request a cancellation of lease number xxxxxxx my position that I am now paid in full per terms agreed upon with ( names of 2 salesmen and their company name ) All handwritten information listed on this contract, including the schedule of lease payments, were fraudulently inserted after my signature was obtained. The verbal conversation and agreement between me and Jason Poe, Jay Sharp at the...

Mbf Leasing / Fraud

gissie on Mar 21, 2014

I canceled my credit card machine and sent it back.. in 2004 now I have a judgement in 4/26/2013 The company no longer exists.. I have a small disablity income. My home I rent is being sold. the owners have died and the sons are selling I am being evicted June 1502014. I have lived here for 20 years.. I have no where to go.. Can't get loan because of judgement... can anyone help me please.. Were going to garnish bank account sent proof of disablity income... CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE

Mbf Leasing - Colorado / Continues to take ACH debits/lease pymt after contract expires

stubtowed on Oct 8, 2012

I canceled my credit card processing company in Sept 2011, they just kept taking more and more. I signed with a new company that deleted most of the charges I was paying, and they loan me a machine at no charge, I called MBF to cancel that contract and they said it is non cancel-able, even upon death your heirs are liable. I said fine, i've got a new machine and it doesn't cost me a penny. So I will pay you for the next 10 month's, and ship it back to you prior to the end of the contract. This caused a 30 minute argument on the phone with him saying that these machines cost...

Mbf Leasing - California / Another Victim

Furious Business Owner on May 3, 2011

First of all, MBF Leasing is a huge rip off! They leased equipment to us valued at $800 (tops--if we had bought it from an expensive retail store) for $250 per months for 48 months (not including tax and insurance, which totaled $280/mo). That means we paid $13, 400 for equipment worth only $800. Okay fine, we made a mistake by signing with these greedy money grubbers--that's not the killer. Their customer service representative lied to us and told us to return the equipment a whole month early. We paid for 48 months of leasing and only received 47. I called customer service and spoke...

Mbf Leasing / Misrepresented the lease fee

Desico on Mar 13, 2011

Ben New of Merchant Services aka MBF Leasing, LLC kept evading my question of "how much is the lease fee for the machine?" with "it's included in the service fee". He never stated that the service is the lease amount and I would be signing a contract for 48 months at $189.99+17.58 tax=207.57 for a grand total 9963.36 for $500 machine. Read the contract!! DO NOT listen to Ben New or anybody else from this company they will be lying and deceiving you. I suspect MBF Leasing and Lease Finance Group are one in the same.

Mbf Leasing - New York, New York / Credit Card Processing/Machine Leasing

November 28, 2006 a representative from Merchant Services (a credit card processing company) came to our place of business (small Auto Repair) my Husband was busy and the rates the saleman quoted were less than the company we were currently with. At that time, we owned our own Credit Card machine. The Salesman (Mark DiResto) told my husband that we couldn't use that machine we would have to lease. Thinking the lease would be until the machine was paid for, he said he would lease it. After 3 years we wanted to change companies and I called Merchant Services to see when our contract was up...

Mbf Leasing / Robbery


They tricked me with a contract for checkservice and then i found out they charging me for leasing the machine i told them i dont need it because i have one they keep pulling money from my account and after a fight to cancell with them and return the machine back they came after 2 years and pull $4000 out of my account i need to take a leagel action but need a group suuport from people who been through that with them and i heard it is thouthand out there having this proplem with them if we all gather together we can get our right.

Mbf Leasing - Texas, Austin / Credit Card Terminal

I quit using the terminal several years ago when I changed my merchant company to Icon. A big mistake. Icon was supposed to pay MBF leasing but has never paid it. I am stuck paying of the lease for 2 more years of $59.06 per month. When the lease is over I have to return the terminal so I decided rather than keeping it here and it getting damaged or mispaced. I returned it. Now MBF is telling me they never received it. When my lease is over they will charge me $300 for the terminal. It never came back to me so you know they received it. Carole Hughes

Mbf Leasing / Scam


If you are living in Texas and mistakenly doing business with this company You should know that: Sooner or later you will know that you are scammed, then you are sued, You should be aware of MBF leasing was know to have scam the customer for very long time, every court clerk in New York Civil court know that. Be aware of MBF Leasing may bride the court personel to gain the court favor decission because of MBF can not win you by facing you in the court for that reason it Using the following technique to win you: - Re set the court date without notice you to cost you the air ticket. -...

Mbf Leasing / Rip off


Credit card processing company salesman came in 2 years ago promising lower rates. after completing a worksheet showing how i would save hundreds of dollars a month. i agreed as long as he got rid of my other processors contracts. I told him i did not need a machine i already had one that was paid for that worked with my pos system. I was told i neededthe new machine and it would work with pos and still save me lots of money. when i got my first bank statement i complained to the salesman and he said he no longer works for the company they made him do unethical things. Iwas shown my signed...

Mbf Leasing / Continued Fraud

Like many others, I fell for the MBF Leasing scam. In July 2005, a salesman named Dave from Vericomm approached me with the promise of saving me money on my credit card processing fees. I didn't know that we already owned our own equipment, and lured by the promise of lower fees, I decided to jump on the opportunity. He explained that in order to have these savings, I had to sign an equipment lease from his company for $159.95 per month, for 48 months. I SIGNED IT! YES I DID! Later, of course, I realized that this same equipment I had leased for 4 years could be purchased for a few...

Mbf Leasing - New York / Ceating anf fraud


I was cheated by this company the same way they cheat other company. I was sued by them in New York Court. I went on to answer the court and follow the court order to appear in court to defense myself. I demanded this company to provide me a solid original contract with my name, signature. This company do not ave the contract. and they are very onerous each time I appear in court they reset the court date without notice you. They scam the consumer and cheating the legal system. They cheat me like they cheat thousand of people. Can we start the class action against this company

Mbf Leasing - New York, New York City / Unauthorized access to bank account

My name is Christopher Kendrick. Back in 2003 or 2004 a company called me about doing an online business however they required me to lease a credit card terminal. The lease was for $69.10 a month. I was unaware that this lease agreement was for 5 years. I have been paying them all along and now they have started taking money out of my checking account without my permission. This has to stop as I am in no situation to be throwing money to anyone. Someone, please help.

Mbf Leasing - New York, New York / Fraudalent sign the lease


In Oct 2008, my uncle agree to a trial period of 3 motnhs to try out their credit card machine. So the money automatically withdrawn out of the bank account. After 3 months, they gave back the machine but money was still taken out of the account. Beginning of March 2009, after she stop payment, my aunt have called me to talk to them about the lease. My uncle stated that he DID NOT sign any lease. I called Mark Clark and requested that a copy of the lease be faxed to me which he did. When I look at the signatures, that was not my uncle's signature. I told them that, and they told me to...

Mbf Leasing - New York, New York / complete unethical crooks

I too am a victim of MBF Leasing. In 2005 I signed a lease which I had thought was month to month. In October of 2008 I called to cancel my lease as my company was closing and they told me I couldn't. For lack of time and effort, I continued to pay on the account until today when I called to get the mailing address of where to send the equipment back to. I figured I would pay the remainder of the lease and send the equipment back. When I called and waited for 38 minutes the first person I spoke with gave me the address and then yelled at me telling me I couldn't send back the...

Mbf Leasing - Texas, Fort Worth / Demand for payment after letter to Sioux Falls Police Dept

MBF Leasing withdrew money from an unauthorized checking account. I wrote a letter to Sioux Falls, SD Police Dept. about theft and fraud. Police called Sioux Falls MBF Leasing. A few days later I got a letter DEMAND FOR PAYMENT from MBF Leasing. Police told me I needed to file with Civil Court. MBF Leasing's sales rep picked up and returned credit card machine. The sales rep. told me he cancelled the lease because MBF was charging more than what we agreed. I'm a 65 year old widow who believed what the sales rep told me. This Sales Rep said he could make a Transfer C to MBF Leasing...

Mbf Leasing - Texas / Shady company - i got out of lease

Feel free to email me at [email protected] Ok, i have the same story as everyone else. Long story short, i was told i was signing a month to month lease, was not given access to the entire lease at the time, and all the handwritten info (Including terms) was added after i signed it. In the end, i did not pay a cent to mbf more than i had agreed to and did not have to pay a lawyer at all. Here is how i did it: I realized that i had been scammed when i closed my business approx. 6 months into my lease. When i tried to close my account with mbf i was then informed for the first time that i...

Mbf Leasing / Scam charges


I've been charged 2 months from my checking account since 8/11/08 and I never even received the stupid credit card processing machine. I've made phone calls, sent faxes and today got a letter saying that I had entered an agreement whereby I was stuck. Really *** me off so what can I do other than go to every board I can find and bad mouth them? I contacted my bank today about declining their bank draft from now on but haven't heard back from that yet. PETER DEPALMA from UBCOA is on my No. 1 *** list. He and MBF are in cahoots.

Mbf Leasing / Scam and cheating


We signed a bunch of papers, many were blank, not yet filled out. We ended up leasing a card processing machine and check reader at $170 per month for 48 months. We could have bought a new machine for $139. Of course the lease is non cancellable. Our rep has not called us back. I am furious! I am more than happy to join a class action lawsuit. Anyone else out there!? Merchant Services charged us $55 in "minimum fees" for the month of August even though we were not yet set-up to begin using the equipment until September. Did they do that to others?

Mbf Leasing / Fraudulent company


MBF Leasing is a crooked fraudulent company that has harassed my business by calling up to 30 times a day 5 or 6 days a week since September of '07. They claim I signed a lease that I did not sign. They sent a third party sales person to my retail store and tricked me into thinking I was getting a check verification service for a price of $13.00 a month when it was actually $113.00. I had to change bank accounts due to fraudulent withdrawals they were making adding up to over $500 and now they are attempting to sue for $3500. They are unprofessional and bottom line crooked. What a mess. Do not do business with the company!!