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Matchmaker International Complaints & Reviews

Matchmaker International / scam dating service

Jan 28, 2015

Matchmaker International is an evil company. They will mislead you and even lie to you when they answer your questions to make you feel comfortable and confident enough to enter a contract with them. They do not care about their members. Their counsellors are worthless ### that send out referrals to clients, already knowing that the date will be an awkward disaster. It is impossible to build a genuine working relationship with their staff. Have you noticed that counsellors leave their company all the time, and it is really a revolving door at that company? Members' files are passed down...

Matchmaker International / scam

Jan 27, 2015

I entered the Knoxville storefront in April of 2013 to inquire about the services offered by Matchmaker Intl. I was given a sales pitch by the owner, Mr. Hollifield, that the company has thousands of members at hand with whom they could easily match me. I was asked numerous questions regarding my ideal suitable match. I was then offered a Membership Fee of $750 which was explained to be a significantly discounted price and would be offered only if I paid that day and that I was to keep the price I was offered strictly confidential when meeting other members. Mr. Holifield offered a contract...

Matchmaker International - Tennessee, Chattanooga / left with clients money

Oct 26, 2012

This dating agency closed their business without notifying clients. I had paid my money for unlimited dating mates. They left the business without honor the contract. I call them in february 2012 and their phone was disconnected and I was told by a past member that they closed the business with clients money. They left no forward information or new contact information.

Matchmaker International - Michigan, Grand Rapids / matchmaker doesnt know what there doing

Jan 4, 2011

I became a member of Matchmaker International in March 2010. I asked for men that were at least 6’0 tall. Three of the 12 men I was introduced to were under 6’0 feet, one was even 5’10”, not even close. I’m 5’4” and like to wear heels, and love tall men. Also I explained to them that all the men in my family were taller and a man under 6’0 tall would not fit in. They ignored my requests saying the men were good matches, and the average man is 5’8” and all the men were taller than me. Clearly they don’t care or listen to what the client wants. Still single and out my money.

Matchmaker International - Tennessee, Knoxville / fraud


You people are so wrong for jumping on these poor people who got scammed. Don Dare, a reporter for WATE news did a story on a widow who used MMI's services and they had sent her a man who had quite a lenghty arrest record. Here is the story if you don't believe it THIS IS A SCAM!! And I don't care what church you say you belong to, or how wonderful a christian you are, for all we know Mr. Hollifield has his employees on here slamming these poor customers I call victims!

Matchmaker International - California / this is a total rip off.


This place is a total rip off, I paid them several thousand dollars to provide with some introductions to women who I could potentially have a relationship with or get married to. When I went into their offices they told me they have many, many women in my city who match my criteria--WRONG. When I paid the money, there was literally no one that was looking for someone like me, I did not even get to go on one single date! Not one! When I tried to call them, they don't pick up their phones or pretend like they are too busy to talk to you. working with them was NOT fun. Please spare yourself...

Matchmaker International - Michigan, Flint / poor matches to none


I was contacted by them through the internet, then invited to come to the office for an interview. They found out that I was lonley and zeroed in on my lonlieness. The girl that interview me gave me her card, and I left. The next day I got a call saying that they were running a special and that I could join for considerably less than quotd the day before. i knew they were putting me on, but wanted to join so took adavntage of the lower price. Since then I have had nothing but disappointment and frustration. They are a big joke and all you ever get for your money are promises!!!

Matchmaker International - Alabama, Mobile / outright stealing


On a holiday weekend, I got a call from Matchmaker. As a single person, I was feeling down, and they convinced me to come to their office to "visit'. During my visit, I was pressured to join, assured that the services were beyond anything I had seen on the Internet. They specifically addressed and eHarmony. In a dim office, the new 'Owner" a nice lady who affected a Scottish accent at times, pressured me to sign a contract. As I was leaving, she presented me with a possible dating scenario. The man she offered was a meterologist who I had already been corresponding with on...

Matchmaker International - Alabama, Mobile / matchmaker international of mobile is not a scam


It recently came to my attention that some complaints about matchmaker international are not true. I saw where an individual made a complaint stating that this company is a scam. I happen to have personal experience with this company. I have been a member for over a year now and I requested to be put on hold (not receive any more matches) about six months ago because I believe I found the person I want to spend my life with. Matchmaker International is under new ownership so any complaints prior to the new owner should not be held against them. I found out about the camplaint because I...

Matchmaker International - Indiana, Evansville / dating service


About four years ago i became a client of matchmaker international. What a joke. They gave me two referrals to women that had no goal or ambition. They had the personality of a slug and had more baggage then a trash truck can carry. Now come to find out they went out of business and did not tell me. Plus I am now out of $3000.00 and still no dates from them. Not like I really want them.

Matchmaker International - Tennessee, Chattanooga / scam!!!


If you are contacted by matchmaker international trying to set up an appointment for you to come to their office for an interview... Hang up!!! This company is a full blown scam. They bait people in who have used an online dating site, or went to one of the area websites (there are signs posted in the ground) depending on the area you live in. Once they get you in the door they will try to charge you $2500 to $10,000 for a membership. You will not be matched with quality people as they claim, but rather the same people you could match yourself with. These people are running this scam in...

Matchmaker International / matchmaker scam artists!


Matchmaker Int'l totally sucks! I see by other posts, a lot of people think so too! First, I was guilted or more like bullied by the owner's son into doing it. Instead of the $2500 I was supposed to pay he gave me a deal of $1500 he said and was going to take it out in monthly payments of $182. I said um hello that would be $2000. He quickly got mad and refigured it to $124 and politely told me not to tell the "gentleman" I didn't have to pay full price. Anyway Shane said "you'll never get a man who needs $20 for gas money for this service." Well the first referral I got...