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Masonry Connection Complaints & Reviews

Masonry Connection - Arizona, Phoenix / SCAM ARTIST


This company post job advertisements on a consistent basis through all available media. The offer paid training. What they forget to tell you is YOU are paying for the training! I bought into their promises, all 7k of it. They tell you verbally that they help with job assistance, but watch that contract - it says they do not guarantee employment. Their idea of job assistance is giving you a phone number to call. Bottom line, you go there based on their promises of being able to get employement based on the skills they are providing. Unfortunately they do not live up to teaching those skill...

Masonry Connection - Arizona, Phoenix / Bait & Switch Scam


I found two postings about a masonry job; one was on and the other was in the employment guide newspaper. Both ads stated that a company named Masonry Connection was hiring for masons with a pay scale of $16-29 per hour. Both clearly and repeatedly stated NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY -- THEY WOULD TRAIN YOU. So I call and get an interview set up for the next day. I drive over 30 miles to their office -- a hole in the wall place, with old, beat-up furniture, and a large collection of random junk lining the small hallway to the interview room, etc. I fill out their one page application with...