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Mary Ann Poindexter Complaints & Reviews

Mary Ann Poindexter / goldenway golden retrievers

Aug 20, 2018

My daughter and I are the latest victims of this woman's unethical practices. We responded to her page for Golden Retriever puppies for $1500. We met with her and gave her a $300 deposit. Should have known we were in trouble when she failed to email me a regular receipt showing the price less the deposit as we had discussed when we met to give her the deposit and see the puppies. She just wrote the deposit amount down on the back of a business card and said she would email me a regular deposit receipt but never did. She did say she would have to charge sales tax and it would be added on go the...

Mary Ann Poindexter - Tennessee, Mount Juliet / Buyer Beware - Breeder is a Liar

Nov 01, 2011

Uses deceptive practices with buyers and breeders alike. This woman will engage you in conversation as if she's focused on her "breed", but with some research you'll find she has many breeds. Once you agree on a price, receive pictures and send a deposit - you're screwed. She will try to get more money for shipping, vet bills, anything she can. The agreed price will be increased by any other fee she sees fit or she will not ship the dog. The dog advertised does not arrive as described or shown. She advertises "champion lines" - sure, if you count ONE champion on a six generation...