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Marlin Leasing Complaints & Reviews

Marlin Leasing - North Dakota / horible customer service

Feb 24, 2012

1. Leased a digital copy machine for 60 months. I have 2 payments left and asked if I could PRE PAY the last 2 payments and have it removed early. Received a nasty response saying 'NO!!!' - I have to wait until they tell me I can have it removed. 2. I asked if I could purchase the copier from them at lease end. They gave me a price of $4000 - $1500 more than I can buy a newer used machine with less usage. I asked if they wanted to negotiate and their response was 'NO>>>' 3. Three times during the lease they tried to charge me a late fee. all 3 times it was their late posting of an automatic payment. STAY AWAY FROM MARLIN>>>>>>>>>>>>

Marlin Leasing - New Jersey / Marlin Leasing is an UNETHICAL SCAM

Aug 24, 2011

Throughout my 4 year lease with Marlin, I have never, in my 10 years of running a business, dealt with a more hostile, rude, unethical, customer un-oriented business. I hope that no one is ever victim of having to work with such an unethical company. I wish there was more I could do than filing a complaint to warn consumers before considering them as a business partner. PLEASE READ: THEIR BBB RATING IS 'F'- THIS IS NO MISTAKE!!! THEY ABSOLUTELY SUCK! I AM CONVINCED THEY ARE AWARE, BUT DON'T CARE. I was in a 4-year lease agreement for a copier/printer machine. My contract is due to...

Marlin Leasing - New Jersey / Lease


I leased a digital copier through Marlin Leasing for a 60 month period with the machine to be returned at the end of the period. I notified Marlin that I would be returning the equipment and needed return instructions. It took Marlin from the beginning of August to the beginning of November to issue the instructions. They continued to bill me for the equipment that was due to be returned. Although I called on a number of ocassions to tell them that I was awaiting return instructions. They wound up sending deliquent notices and applying payments from another piece of leased equipment to the...