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Marc Vachon Clothing Complaints & Reviews

Marc Vachon Clothing / My band Rocks Vachon cusom clothing!!

Jan 18, 2015

hello, I'm just noticing a few of you that are complaining about pieces that you have received? I have friends up here in Canada that are wearing Marc's clothing that are here posting. I'm not really sure what the details are but I know that they have their stuff because I've seen them wearing it at their shows. I play in a band and have been ordering Marc Vachon for the last year of 2014 and have had NO problems with anything. yes maybe there has been an additional wait on the ship-time but my stuff looks so great I love it all.

Marc Vachon Clothing / I waited and it's here!

Jan 18, 2015

After a four week delay my custom converse, cargo bikers and leather jacket have shown up. Perfect timing as I need these for the photoshoot and cover-shot coming up for the magazine. These pieces will be great for the Grammy's and can't wait to wear them out! Thanks Marc Vachon for the eclectic and motivating experience. Well worth the wait!!

Marc Vachon Clothing - California, Sacramento / Custom Silver Leather Pants

Jan 18, 2015

I also forgot to mention that after seeing Velvet Revolver's Slither video I was fascinated by Scott Weiland's silver leather pants and had to find out where they came from. I found out that Marc Vachon the same guy that makes Slash's jackets and has done a tone of pieces for Aerosmith, The Stones, Bon Jovi and way more had made them. I was able to get in touch and place my order. I was a little nervous shelling out $5000. for a pair of pants at first but had to have these! All and all it took about 3 months before the pants were completed and shipped. Communication was good the whole time and the pants were perfect! I'd do it again.

Marc Vachon Clothing / Buyer beware


I ordered 3 shirts online to have for a x-mas trip. Website promoted "3 DAY SHIPPING". Product did not show up for trip. I first emailed 20 days after purchase date. It took nearly 2 1-2 MONTHS TO GET A RESPONSE!! Here is the breakdown of some of the emails. BUYER BEWARE!! I suggest you read this carefully, I am not the only person to have these issues. Here is the long breakdown of emails-and finally some responsed from MVC. I recievd excuses, attitude, promises, but never got my clothing or money...buyer beware!!!