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Mallory TK Contracting Complaints & Reviews

Mallory TK Contracting / deliver soil

Jul 07, 2019

I ordered 35 loads of soil. I asked to have have a written contract. He only works with verbal contract. Late I understood why. He changes a quote. First of all he didn't bring soil. He brought TRASH FROM CONTRACTION SITES. I had to clean by yard from pipes, trash, broken glasses (collect 10 lb of broken glass). 2 - I paid for 35 loads, he bring 32. Have to argue ind show we count each track. Late he bring 3 more. 3 - destroyed my grass not BY accident, exposed internet cable. 4 - fives times he promised arrive, and no call, no show. 5 - he left his bobcat on my back yard for month. 6 - Exposed internet cable from ground. 7 - he did not do what we agreed, however he collect 112% of payment.

Mallory TK Contracting / My driveway was destroyed, because the worker did completely wrong task

Dec 10, 2015

The company Mallory TK Contracting started the job on my driveway in October, 2014. But due to bad weather, we agreed to stop it for couple of months. I contacted the manager in March, 2015. He said that the driver would bring dirt for the driveway and would start the job on the same day. But the driver started to do completely different work and he didn’t listen to my complaints. I called to the manager several times, but he hasn’t spoken with the guy and he made completely wrong job, which ruined the driveway.