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Magic Mesh Complaints & Reviews

Magic Mesh - Tennessee, Mcminnville / magic mesh 30% stronger magnets

Sep 30, 2017

I have purchased 4 of these at $14.99 a pc. (that is with out tax). The first one i purchased worked good until my land lord made me take it down. I moved shortly after. I bought my 4th one at Freds store. I still have the box but they will not take it back and it has holes all in it and is missing magnets. I have it if i can send it back to the company. I only got one weeks use out of all of the 4 I have bought. my name is Ashley Stoner 336 Caldwell Street Mcminnville, TN 37110 [protected] thank you, please help. people ask all the time how these work. I cant take it back to the store, what can I do?

Magic Mesh - Texas, Emory / magic mesh

Jul 13, 2017

On July 26th, 2017 my 4 year old daughter went out the door where the mesh was hanging it did not shut behind her like it should have so she grabbed it and tried to put the magnets together. When she pulled it the wooden tacks came out of the door frame, swung around a grazed her eye ball. This resulted in a traumatic cataract and her having to have 3 stitches in her eye ball. She is also completely blind in her right eye and having to have 2-3 surgeries. The doctors at childrens hopital in dallas, tx do not know if she will be able to see again we will have to wait until all the surgeries are over with.

Magic Mesh / Magic mesh hands - free screen door

Aug 14, 2014

I purchased this piece of junk after seeing it on TV. I have had screens of this type before but without magnets that worked very well. This one is terrible, a total waste of money, made very badly in China. It is impossible to hang it so the magnets connect because the netting is not cut straight. It is off by as much as an inch so the magnets can't join once it is hung. It also has hook and loop fasteners that don't stick to the plastic strips on the curtain. I got it all together, hung it up and the strips disconnected at once, the magnets couldn't connect, and the screen...

Magic Mesh / hidden charges

Dec 12, 2011

Received an advert on line for Magic Mesh and proceeded to place an order for one set, plus a free set. When I clicked through to the end and put payment details in, it instantly went to confirmation before I could check or change order and auto ordered two sets. Of course no way to click back to change order so stuck with them. BE CAREFUL OF MAGIC MESH! also kept asking me if I wanted to add other things and you have to click through to just get to final order page. Then it added an extra admin charge also! Unethical or what?