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Magazine Subscription Complaints & Reviews

Magazine Subscription - Colorado, Lakewood / Taking Advantage

Jun 3, 2011

My mother was solicited on two separate occasions to purchase magazines.. She has very bad memory loss and she didn't remember signing up. They took over $200 from her account beginning in Feb through May. I cancelled her debit card and contacted that company.. They requested a note from her doctor stating her condition which I did. The owner (Sally) said that she would cancell the account but she wouldn't refund any money to her. Of course I heard this from one of her collectors and was assured she would call me regarding this.. No call..nothing. This company likes to take advantage...

Magazine Subscription - Arizona, Phoenix / Did not pay for subscription renewal at Golfweek Magazine


US Periodicals called and offered me a 3-yr. renewal of Golfweek for $97.50. They charged it on my credit card and was paid. Golfweek informs me they never received the money and is not extending my subscription. US Periodicals of Phoenix, AZ sent me a paid receipt. Several phone calls later no one has returned my calls. I have since found many complaints against this company, thus another one from me.

Magazine Subscription - Florida, Deerfield / Dishonest Scammers


WOW-- I don’t know how these people sleep at night! They lied and scammed me and now they are threatening to take me to court. First they said I could not cancel but the guy who claimed to be the GM said he would lower my monthly fee. What did he do--HE RAISED IT! He placated me with his personal extension and promised to help me if I had problems. As it turns out he is NOT the GM and the extension does not exist. I can’t believe I fell for it and now the legal department is pursuing me! What a nightmare! Don't make the same mistake I did and steer very clear of these crooks.

Magazine Subscription - Florida, Delray Beach / never subscribed


A postcard arrived today, with text as follows: Dear Customer: thank you for participating in our program. As of this date, we have not received your remaining balance for the magazine/s you have ordered. The payment that was made to the solicitor was a down payment and our office copy of the recipt indicates a BALANCE DUE as shown above. As your "mail-in" copy states, your order is processed only after the "mail-in" balance is received in our office. Please include a copy of your receipt and this card along with your payment and mail to the address below. This is necessary for our office...

Magazine Subscription - Florida, Miami / Paid for subscrption that I never received...


Salesman by the name of Lee Hicks sold subscription on 8-10-06, to this day I have not received an issue. Did get ahold of WRS once and was told that my subscription was sent to the magazine company and paid for. Called the magazine company and they have record of my subscription but it was canceled. Do not trust that you will ever get what you pay for when you have a salesman selling magazine subscriptions for WRS. As of now I cannot get ahold of anyone at WRS to get this straightened out. Voicemail box is full...