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Macanthony Realty International Complaints & Reviews

Macanthony Realty International / Scam

Jun 1, 2011

For people who seem to be having problems with Solutions Overseas - if you look on the MacAnthony Realty International Website, you will see that they recommend Solutions Overseas. With all the problems people have had with MRI's 'recommended' lawyers - Legal Independence, and finance people - Capital Financial Partners, and the developers MRI have recommended on developments where things have gone horrifically wrong, people would be wise to think carefully before using another company MRI recommend.

Macanthony Realty International / have you lost money through buying property


If people feel that they have lost money through buying property, there is an address that you can complain to, if the company works in the US. I have been told that people can complain to the Florida Department of Business Professional Regulation. There is a uniform complaint form (2200). I believe that you can complain to these people even if you do not live in the US, or if you did not buy in the US. There are more details on the website.

Macanthony Realty International / Justice needed!! - Fraud & Deceit by these MRI crooks


Nothing but fraud and deceit from this company and it's employees. Lies advertised and sold about Golf course views and use if you purchased their Aspen Golf or Aspen Suites developments in Bulgaria, Razlog Valley. Lies about aftersales, lies about recommended independent lawyers, breached contractual obligations, the list continues... What I'd like to know from these blogs is how buyers can get their deposits back and some justice. What Darragh MacAnthony and his loyal subjects have done is contributed to the economic downturn with a huge number of people being left out of...

Macanthony Realty International / scams


We and many others have had massive problems with MRI, Macanthony Realty International. Promised rental deals not materialising, being told that they only use reputable developers, then finding out the developers are totally untrustworthy and are using the apartments without permission. People being made to buy apartments different to the one they viewed - inferior apartments, no after sales rental, inability to re sell apartments. It goes on and on.