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LVNV Funding Complaints & Reviews

LVNV Funding - Pennsylvania, Drums / Old Debt

Apr 1, 2013

I monitor my credit report every week. I noticed that an account was opened in November of 2012 as new. I have never received any correspondence from this company. My attorney explained to me that they buy up expired debt and reopen as new accounts. I disputed the information on my credit report and was directed to make a complaint here as well. I have contacted the company for the original debt and they have not responded. Thank you. Laura Woodring 2701 Leary Lane #99 Victoria, TX 77901 713-931-6127 [email protected]

LVNV Funding - Washington / On my credit report

Nov 29, 2012

I found a company on my credit report called LVNV funding in the amount of 1580.00 for Portfolio RC. After checking into things I don't know either one, and would like them checked into please because it's a charge I have never heard of. Thank You, Danette Larson

LVNV Funding / Awful company


LVNV funding is suing me for $909.19 plus court cost because of an old debt they purchased for pennies, the original amount was $498. I tried to pay this debt when I first found out it had been turned over to a collections agency, but they just talk down to me. LVNV funding is taking advantage of people, especially in today's economy, their paying pennies and collecting dollars, this doesn't seem right. Isn't that called unjust enrichment, this is not their debt, they bought it which means they choose to lose money, by the way, the attorney for LVNV funding has an unlisted phone number.