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Luxxor International Group Complaints & Reviews

Luxxor International Group - Florida, Orlando / She stole $1500 from me!


Amy Wilkerson contacted me about selling my time shares. I have 2 Wyndham points packages. She e-mailed me signed contracts of the "buyers!" It has been over 2 months. She doesn't return my e-mails, all her phone numbers have been disconnected, and her website is down. She has stolen $1500 from me! I am filing a cast against her. However, I know I will never see a dime from this fradulent person! I should've listened to the other timeshare companies NEVER PAY AN UPFRONT FEE TO SELL A TIMESHARE!

Luxxor International Group - Florida, Orlando / I GOT SCAMMED!


I KNOW...I AM STUPID! I should have done my research, especially here. I did not check Luxxor International Group before I got involved. Promises, Promises, Promises, and I am now out $3, 599! I GOT SCAMMED trying to sell my timeshare. Contacted by Amy Wilkerson and she already had a buyer with $ ready to go to escrow. All she needed was my $. I should have realized when Amy told me that the buyer was eager to use the timeshare in 60 days, and she needed my money and the buyer was going to pay $2, 000 more than I was asking. Yep, I know, I am a SUCKER. She cashed my check and now will not...

Luxxor International Group - England, Lancashire / Thieves - not be trusted


Luxxor Internation Group should not be trusted. I was cotnacted by Amy Wilkerson in December 2009 by email stating that she had abuyer for mu time share. I signed a contract of sale on which she had noted a buyers name. She informed me that the deal was going through and that I should pay her fees, I paid her the fees by paypal and she returned it back to me stating that the fees will be tied up by paypal for 6 months and so I should pay by bank transfer. It should have clicked to me that something is wrong. On 31 January 2010, Amy Wilkerson sent me an email confirming that she had the buyer...

Luxxor International Group - Florida, Orlando / I am Relieved


I got a call about 6 months ago in regards to several of my properties:Hawaii, Mexico, Utah and Orlando.I was extreamely scared to pay the fees!I recently became a single mother of four and didn't know if this was the right thing to do.I put my trust in a very nice young lady who was always willing to answer any questions I had in regards to my properties and how the sale was coming along.About 2 weeks ago I recieved my check and please believe when I say It was a BLESSING!I was so happy to see that I made the right decision for my family.In fact I am so pleased with the outcome. My...

Luxxor International Group - Florida, Orlando / Great Workers and Proffesionals


I am very happy with this company, from the first time that I was contacted I was a little cautious because you know all of the stuff thats out there today, but I actually attended one of their events and I was really impressed. I decided to sell through them and I got a few offers and one I actually went through with about 3 weeks ago and everything has already been done. I gues I picked the right company, I was so afraid to be one of the other people that got stuck with a listing. By the way, I did have such a great experience, I dont know why some of these people are so upset. I seen the...

Luxxor International Group - Florida, Orlando / They sold my timeshare quick...


I have been dealing with this company for about 3 months and they have already began the closing on my property. I had recieved a few offers before this one but they were not so much in my preference. ut anyways, I am fully satisfied with this company. They have done everything quickly and they are very professional. Thank you for all of your help.

Luxxor International Group - Florida, Orlando / Great Company to work with


I really do love working through this company, they have provided excellent services to me and have rented out my unit a few times in the past. I had registered one of my tahiti village resorts with them a few months ago and have just recently got it sold. So yes, I would recommend them. So far I have been working with Mrs. Wilkerson through the whole process and I really think she is great to work with. Now my wife and I have extra money for Christmas, wish luck to everyone else who is doing business with them. You wouldnt have went wrong.

Luxxor International Group - Florida, Orlando / Very Ligit


Well, I wouldn't really consider this a complaint. Its more like a remark towards this company. Anyways, I have been with them for about two months now and I have had a very good relationship with them, needless to say that they have communicated with me non stop and I really appreciate it. I have been with multiple other companies in the past and have gotten no results. In the time that Luxxor gave me 4 offers it took over two years for the other company to give me one... and that deal fell through anyways. I just accepted a rental offer on my property and my husband and I are now going...