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Nov 27, 2012

I have been looking for Ragdolls to start my own Cattery. I have been looking for a few months. I came across LoveRagdolls and really liked that they had breeder cats for sale. One day they had a half off sale of their Breeders. I thought what a great time to buy. That is just what I did. I bought four two male and two female. The very next day another Breeder returned a call from a few days earlier. I told her about my purchase from Love Ragdolls. She then said "They are nothing more than a kitten mill" and "They never do any DNA testing" also they have a bad reputation for ignoring you after... / not providing purchased items

Mar 16, 2012

We purchased a Ragdoll male kitten in November from Loveragdolls. He is beautiful & we love him to death but our complaint is about their responses or lack of & breach of contract. We had to have him neutered within 30 days or be charged breeding fee by Loveragdolls, which we did. Loveragdolls also promised to provide us with his official paperwork to prove he is a thoroughbred ragdoll. THIS HAS NEVER ARRIVED nor have Loveragdolls replied to several emails. We definitely would not buy from Loveragdolls ever again nor recommend Loveragdolls. We paid almost $1000.00 for this cat including flight to... - South Carolina / Very sice kitten

Dec 27, 2011

I purchased my kitten from Love Ragdolls three months ago. My kitten is now dead. He had a congenital neurological disorder of unknown etiology. He came to me with fleas and under weight. He would eat very little and was timid at first. As the three months I had him progressed, he became sicker and did not gain weight. My vet and I tried everything but he continued to decline. Due to his neurological issues, he had head tilt, stumbled and at the end, could not eat nor stand up at all. My vet recommended having him put down. I am devastated and wanted people to know, please don't buy from...