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LogoCare Complaints & Reviews

LogoCare - Florida, Miami / Poor Customer Service

Jul 15, 2011

Logocare is the worst company I have ever dealt with. For the past 1 week, they have been stressing me out over a small flaw they made..and their customer service is horrendous. They do not know what customer service means. Besides, they overcharged me for the work I already paid for. To top it off, I was asked to get in touch with their Management team who did nothing but slam on my face with no response for a long time and finally saying the same thing the design team told me. I got through the phone line and spoke to a guy called "Mike" who said he was my project manager (different from my...

LogoCare - Florida, Miami / Charging customer for service not offered and for service already paid for

Jul 15, 2011

Yes. Their initial designs are good. Then you get sucked into this vortex of never ending payments.. They have the worst possible customer service. No one responds ever. They don't provide you the font and color codes used with the logo along with their logo package. For that they charge you extra. And that is considered "Custom Work" which starts at $65..bare minimum even if it means sending a 1 minute mail. I am starting up a company and I regret every day for the past 5 days as to why I even got started off with Logocare as they are a pain to get information from. We liked a logo. We...

LogoCare - New York / Trademark Never Filed Completely


I have been trying to have a trademark filed for the past 6 months with Logocare. They have already charged me for there fees and fees for the US Department of Trademarks, however I still have no final application, I have had not heard from them in over 6 months after repeated attemps, phone calls, email and yet nothing. The time I did finally get a hold of someone they told me my account was finished and there was no further work needed to be done. I called the US Dept of Trademarks and they said that the application was still open and needed changes and had also tried numerous times to get...

LogoCare - Florida, Miami / Terrible company, totally unproffessional company, little to no communication with customer


Terrible company, This is truely the worst company that I have ever done business with. They cannot complete any task on time and they fail to communicate with you in any manner as to why they have not completed the task. Phone calls and messages are rarely ever returned, even when they tell you they will call you back. There websites are frequently non-functional..."DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY"... YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! "DO NOT DO BUSINESSWITH THIS COMPANY"... YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! "HORRIBLE COMPANY'" ...There are some good companies out there that do good business...this i...