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LimeWire Complaints & Reviews

LimeWire / Rip off company


My complaint is that i tried to purchase 'LIME PRO' for faster service. And i gave my information regarding payment. For 1- the software or download never occured, 2- the company charged me 3 times 18.88, and 4 attempted to charge me the 4th time, but no sufficient funds available. Ok! i called the company and a young lady answered the telephone. I told what have happened and she stated that if there any errors on my payments and i didnt get the software. In 3 buisness days the payment would be returned back in my account. Well people the call was made on 6/8/06. And the date i...

LimeWire / bait and switch


When purchasing the "Pro" edition of LimeWire, the form popped up with a notice that my phone number was incomplete. When I selected the button to correct this, the total for my order magically increased by $10 for no known reason. Incidentally, initially, the order form automatically adds a checked off box for additional software unrelated to LimeWire- and an additional $14.95 charge. You can unselect the box, of course, but it is probably wiser to select another P2P product.

LimeWire / refund


I recently tried purchising a subscription but soon realised that it was charging me for things i didnt want, and i have a lot of difficulty using the website. i requested to speak to the administrater for a refund. Ive heard nothing back. The money is still in my account but can not be taken out. I need that money as i have a young child and my partner has gone and im struggling. I need that money.

LimeWire / Rip off


This Company is a total con, and is clearly ripping people off !! I thought I was buying a monthly subscription of £0.99 a month for two years, but ended up getting charged a £64 in total for all other sorts of other programs which I didn't ask for and which I haven't actually received!! The program that I did think I was buying also didn't work!!! This company clearly needs to be stopped!!!

LimeWire / Internet scam!


Not being terribly knowledgeable with the art of downloading music from the internet, friends and family had advised me that LimeWire was one of the best sources. On the LimeWire sight, there was nothing to indicate that I was not following the process correctly until the confirmation e-mail pinged into my box... from "CustomerSerice"<[email protected]> confirming that £62.51 had been debited from my card. Lifetime membership was supposed to be £14.99!! This happened last year and I have tried to contact them and Lime Wire on numerous occasions but have had no response. I've now just accepted that I have lost that money but it really galls me.

LimeWire / Want to cancel, cannot contact


I would just like to say that i cannot access the website at all to cancel online nor can i call because there isn't a number for this service. I don't know how i was offered the service but i too was charged before i knew it and that's why i want to cancel. Why have the service if you cannot use it. There should be a way to atleast cancel if you don't want the service and get your money back. So my question is who do you call or contact and how? Please tell me. The link they ask you to use doesn't work and i just do not want to be charged again. It's really f...d up you know!!!

LimeWire / Fraud & cheating!


I wanted to download music, but I wanted to actually do it legally and pay for it. I found this website music for and it said you get a lifetime of music for a one time fee of 26.95! that sounded great so I entered in all of my info. and waited for the e mail back with my password. Well I got the e mail and the website link it sent with it said "this website does not exist" when I clicked on it. So I went back online and typed in the website name manually and then entered in my password and LIMEWIRE popped up! I did not sign up for that! Plus I can get freaking Limewire for...