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Lilnudists Complaints & Reviews

Lilnudists / Unethical practices, sick cats

Sep 03, 2015

I recently found a kitten from lilnudist in Jacksonville owned by April Arguin Boggs and her mother Wendy Arguin. I put a deposit of $350 down on a $1, 200 kitten. We were supposed to meet on Aug. 21 to pick him up. A Day or so before pick up, she changed it to 24th, and then changed it once again to the 30th. She finally confessed when pressed for an answer why, it was because all her kittens were riddled with ringworm. She said her mother brought a known cat into the cattery that had been treated previously, (apparently not good enough because all her cats in her cattery contracted...

Lilnudists / Selling sick cats, voiding contracts and blaming buyers

Sep 02, 2015

I am the owner of the sick cat (Mira) that was sent to us by Lilnudists cattery / April Arguin / Kristin Herstine. When the cat was sent to me, she was small, however she was a baby and was told she came with a clean bill of health from their vet. When she arrived, she would not eat the Raw food that April told me she was being fed the whole time, this cat would not touch it and would only eat canned food. She would eat 2 large cans of food a day. As time progressed, the cat started becoming lethergic and losing weight very quickly (we had her just over a month). I notified April as soon as I...