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Lia Sophia / Prices quoted & Sales Practices

TamieK on Feb 6, 2016
I bought an item from the Lia Sophia outlet in Mississauga, Ontario for a certain price that showed a big reduction from the supposed original price. Then less than two weeks later the item was further reduced by 70 %. I asked for a refund of the difference and did not get it. All the regular stores where I shop have a price guarantee within a two weeks window. I feel that I have been cheated. My conclusion, Lia Sophia's quoted prices quoted can't be trusted.

Lia Sophia - Illinois, Wood Dale / Didn't receive my jewelry order

Linda Probst on Jun 21, 2014
I bid on a lia sophia jewelry basket at a fund raising event which was held on may 10, 2014 at tanners bar & grill in kimberly, wi. It was put on by the community benefit tree which does fundraisers for individuals that have needs for medical expenses to raise money for them. The event was called miracles for madison. I bid high for what the gift basket was "supposed to be worth. I won the gift basket & one of the gifts was a gift certificate for one discounted jewelry voucher that would cost me $20, it was for any jewelry that was for up to $100 in price from the catalog that was included in...

Lia Sophia - Illinois, Wood Dale / Defective Jewelry

Ann/new holland on Jan 7, 2013
I have a defective piece of jewelry from this company. Calling this company to correct the problem is a joke. The customer service has been very disappointing or should I say ZERO customer service. Never give cash or a check as payment for merchandise from this company. I highly recommend a credit card payment so you have recourse when they ship you defective jewelry. I have ordered jewelry from other jewelry party & never experienced this problem. Beware to consumers!

Lia Sophia - Kentucky / Bought a Ring

mackin713 on May 24, 2011
I bought an expensive ring from Lia Sophia. This was my first time ever buying jewelry outside a jewelry store. I asked if the rings would turn your finger green. The answer I got was no it won't it is top of the line jewelry. Now that my finger is green from the ring I plan on getting a full refund if it ever comes. Also I had asked a former consultant who stated that the reason why my finger turned green was because of ME or my hormones or lotions (which I don't use). I said well that is funny because the finger right next to my now green finger is not green from my mother's ring or i...

Lia Sophia - Illinois / Customer Service

loralee on Feb 22, 2011
Will never order Lia Sophia Jewelry again! One of my earrings broke and all I had left was the hook in my ear, was not aware until I got home and went take them off. I contacted Lia Sophia to have them replaced and recieved the rudest customer service and supervisor. They kept saying we do no replace lost jewelry, after repeating myself over and over that I didn't lose the earring that it broke due to cheaply made, they refused any assistance. They talked as if they were reading off a script, (thought that was only done by off-shore businesses). I have spent over $400.00 on their product...

Lia Sophia - Florida / poor quality

rebeccamaria on Feb 4, 2011
I purchase a lia sophia necklace and turn out to be plastic beads for the high price cost. when I check with the company they stated the necklace was imported from China. The necklace have no sterling silver or any silver. The necklace are made in China at a very cheap cost. They sell them in Ebay so i decided to try and purchase one in Ebay and it was identical with the same plastic beads. Unbelievable over price. Yes the offer replacement for life but it looks like the manufacturing cost is 1/8 of the price. I decide to stay with jcrew and other name brands instead of paying this overprice china cheap made item. Target has better quality for half of the price. Sorry NEVER AGAIN!.

Lia Sophia - Montana / Missing ring and money

Janean G. on Jan 24, 2011
I purchased a ring from this company in August 2010. The ring was pretty at first but as time went on, it tarnished badly and the crystal stones that were in it began to fall out. I sent the ring back in December of 2010 along with the $5.00 required for shipping and handling. I received a letter from the company in January 2011 stating that they could not fulfill my request for replacement as I needed to send the ring with the $5.00 handling fee. Needless to say I was furious because #1, I sent the ring with the $5.00 fee and they don't seem to know where either are and #2, the ring cost...

Lia Sophia - Minnesota / returns & Exhanges

Julie63 on Jan 22, 2011
I was told that Lia Sophia has a lifetime guarantee return/exchange police. The thing they don't tell you is that it COST YOU $5.00 per item for them to handle it when you send it back- even when the item is tarnished ( not our fault). PLUS YOU pay to ship it back to them. It is a total scam- I have learned that I will never do business with them and that I will do my best to educate others on how this works and pursuade them not to order from this company either. As when you return your item they only send you a merchandise certificate. So they get you either way- You are best to just throw your items away--

Lia Sophia - Massachusetts / Do Not Buy this Jewelry

I am very unhappy with Lia Sophia. I purchased several pieces of jewlery and was returning the Fruity Pebbles bracelet because it broke instantly and the other Charade Earrings because my daughter "did not like it"...I was told of the strict time frame that had to be adherred to in order to get your money refunded, and the proper paperwork. I did all of this correctly. I called the company when I did not receive my refund and after some time finally received a call back and was told that they did receive my returned jewelry, it was within the time frame, but due to the lateness of thi...

Lia Sophia - North Dakota, Bottineau / Advisor Honesty

I co-hosted a lia sophia party a couple of weeks ago and it seems the advisor is not honest. I did not recieve my free items or any other "hostess" perks. My order was treated as any other order. I recieved one necklace for $20 and one half off item which was the deal of the month. I PAID FULL PRICE FOR EVERYTHING ELSE! The other hostess recieved 4 free items and paid full price for her other two items. In looking at the shipping slip it appears that the advisor charged my credit card for mine and the other hostess's items. When she finally called me back she told me that she did it that...

Lia Sophia / origin of products

I decided to do research on this company after my daughter bought several pieces of their jewelry in Los Angeles. Most of them fell apart and trying to get your money back is next to impossible. Even worse, one of bracelets caused her a terrible skin rash that lasted for weeks. Our dermatologist diagnosed it as severe allergic reaction to nickel. Lia Sophia is a recently founded company based in Israel. the owners are a family of American Jews and ALL thier jewelry is manufactured in China. There's very little quality control in the Chinese factories when it comes to metal alloys. All kinds of...

Lia Sophia / question

Could someone that is well versed in lia sophia jewelry please tell me what I need to look for to insure I have not received a knockoff (any specific detail, stamp, what the tags should say, markings, stickers, etc.). I really love the piece and my interest in purchasing lia sophia has been piqued. I just want to make sure I am not flaunting a tell-tale fake! :) Thank you Sarah

Lia Sophia - New Jersey, Hawthorne / return

Iam asking someone to please explain something to me regarding returning items to Lia Sophia...Lia Sophia has a 100% life time return policy as long as you have the original receipt...Does anyone really keep receipts forever? I have three items that broke and I would like to have them replaced...I do not have the original receipt however the items are imprinted with Lia Sophia on them...Does the Lia Sophia not know their own products? I find that hard to believe...Who cares whether they were a 1/2 price item...bonus item...purchased with credits for free jewelry from a party...or part of your...

Lia Sophia - Nebraska, Omaha / Turqouise Ring

I am very disappointed in this company, my daughter bought me a gourges turquoise ring, well the ring started to loose the outer paint and found out it was copper which turned my finger black it took days to get it off, and the turquise is fake, when she told me how much she paid I flipped I can do anything about it as my daughter cannot find the receipt but I taught my daughter a lesson check the company out before buying the product. I know I am only one voice but if someone reads this hopefully it will help someone out by not buy from this company. Also keep in mind the jewelery that they...

Lia Sophia - Illinois, Fox Lake / cheap jewerly

I also bought jewelery to help out a friend's party. The jewelery & display looked great. But later found it's cheap made in china junk. My pretty little silver earrings that are hard to insert and hook, tarnished, turned my ears green and I had an infection which I took care of right away with peroxcide.. and geez.. I'd never had a problem wearing any earrings before! Then, my favorite is a black string necklace with a round silver design.. the string easily twist then frade and broke after wearing on & off for 3 months so my friend (the dealer) felt bad and ordered another for...

Lia Sophia - Arizona / Poor quality and customer service

I hosted a party last September and purchased some items. Upon recipt of these items, I thought the quality looked poor so I exchanged them for other items. After wearing the necklace a few times, it fell apart. The company requires a $5.oo fee which I refuse to pay since this was clearly poor workmanship. After dealing with customer service, management, and their supervisors, I was told that they will return the broken piece to me without repair. This company clearly does not stand by their product. Not only that, but the manager even told me that we wouldn't tell you the jewelry will...

Lia Sophia / hostess expiditing orders

My hostess encourage all party guests to use credit cards... I was concerned until I realized the advisors committment to handle these perfessionally and shred all paperwork upon the completion of the order. Well you can imagine my surprise when my jewelry came to me in 6 days. The advisor did not have to wait for checks to clear or other persons to pay. WOW. What a wonderful experience. She was a great representative for lia sophia.

Lia Sophia / Chain turning dark after wearing once

I ordered three items from Lia Sophia about three weeks ago. One item was on back order, but I received the three items within 2.5 weeks of the order because it was easier to wait and receive the items at one time from my friend. This is a new experience for me; I've never really worn costume jewelry, generally preferring 14-karat gold and sterling silver. I decided to give it a try. The earrings are beautiful; they actually look like white gold. The chain on the necklace, however, is turning dark after wearing it one time. I've never had jewelry turn dark on me. The charm on the...

Lia Sophia - Indiana, Hebron / Termination without proof

I just started lia sophia in January and had a few catalog parties. I received a certified letter from lia sophia stating that I was terminated because I was selling on ebay which is against thier policies. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A EBAY ACCOUNT! They never contacted me to ask me or discuss this accusation at all and when I tried to contact them, all I get is "you'll be getting a letter". I am expecting a baby in June and was looking for a way to make some extra money...after I invested several hundred dollars, I get terminated for no good reason and get the door of information slammed in...

Lia Sophia / bait and switch

I ordered a bracelet in November from this company's representative in Virginia. I was told I would have it for my daughter's birthday in December. I paid the amount I was told by the representative that I owed for the bracelet. I did not receive anything until late January, when I received a necklace. When I notified them of the mistake, I was told several times by several different representatives that I would have to pay additional money in order to exchange the necklace for the bracelet, which I had already ordered and paid for. This company appears to be loosely run, and the reps kept calling me by my first name, which I find extremely rude and condescending.
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