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Lexis Nexis Complaints & Reviews

Lexis Nexis / credit reporting

May 31, 2018

Yes I have been working with Lexis Nexis for over 14 days not to delete a dismissed judgement from my credit report. I have sent them court documents to prove to them that this case that they are still reporting as open as been dismissed. I finally was able to go to the courts to have this updated and the lexis nexis link to the court house shows that the judgement has been dismissed and Lexis Nexis is still reporting this item on my credit report There constant response is the dispute is in process and our dedicated staff is working on it. That's unacceptable to me as I am trying to close on...

Lexis Nexis / Automatic renewal clause — seek plaintiffs for class action

Dec 21, 2016

Dear fellow members of complaint board re lexis: A number of you have said that you would love to file a class action against lexis. I am ready to do this as class counsel - - having gone through the exact same thing when they refused to allow me to cancel my subscription after a cancer diagnosis. I am doing ok now and I want to pursue a class case against them. I have done class cases for a long time. Their automatic renewal clause is subject to attack on a number of grounds. I am anxious to get case started asap. Lexis customer service actually is the antithesis of serving the customer - -...

Lexis Nexis - Virginia / Beware!


After being with Accurint/Lexis Nexis for 6 years; they suddenly terminated our contractual agreement without cause. When I asked for a reason I was told that information was confidential. I explained to the representative I was President of the company and that our company was 100% compliant with the guidelines of their company. Prior to establishing our relationship, our business records were reviewed and approved. Then suddenly with no warning and no grace period, they terminated and shut off our ability to skip trace. BE CAREFUL... they will approve and drop you without notice or warning. DO NOT TRUST or BELIEVE what they say.