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Le Chateau Monroe Complaints & Reviews

Le Chateau Monroe / Poor Delivery Notification

Oct 31, 2011

I had ordered from the Canadian website and said the item was shipped July 19th and to this August 4th day have not received it. When I ordered it never stated on the order form that they don't deliver to P.O.Boxes and the delivery would take from 3 to 10 days. The first time I called the lady was no help and never mentioned to refund my money, asked me if I wanted to place another order plus I couldn't even understand her English!!! Second time I called I did get a refund and he explained to me the package would have never been received and they never would have notified me, I had...

Le Chateau Monroe / Poor Business Policy

May 22, 2011

I bought $300 worth of merchandise. It never saw the light of day outside of the store. I returned it a week later for insignificant reasons. I am refused a refund!!! I was not told verbally I would NOT be able to have a refund shall I return the items. I'm told (when I complain) that there are 'signs' at the till. I am told "not issuing refunds works best for the customer, as they then have the opportunity to choose something else"... GOOD GRIEF! Issue refunds when customers return items in a very short time in pristine condition and that will work best for customers! Think about it, seriously! I will never shop here again. I WANT A REFUND!!!