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Lauren Dormer - Impact Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Lauren Dormer - Impact Marketing - California, Chico / Behavior

Sep 29, 2016

Lauren Dormer who works at Impact Marketing which is a newspaper telemarketing. I had a bad experience speaking to Lauren over the phone. She does not know how to speak to her customers. Her attitude and behavior was so rude and no manners at all. I really don't know why such people are employeed. She has really pissed me off and no manners at all. Doesn't even apologizez. I wanted to speak to her manager and complain about how rude and ill mannered she is. The company should take strict action against her and make her realize how to behave well. This kind of behavior is unacceptable at all...

Lauren Dormer - Impact Marketing / Unusual experience

Sep 28, 2016

My name is "richard baesley" i am writing this blog to make you poeple aware of lauren dromer as she's a lady who will never let you peacefully one you meet her. I am business man who deals in toy's and sells online and via some marketing medium. I wanted to expand my business so that i can make good money out of it and my brand becomes popular too so that more people cay buy my products. I wanted to meet up lauren dormer as she was associated with impact marketing and she will help me in expanding my business. I met her, she showed me several plans about how to put my brand online and how...