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Lakewoode Park Homes Complaints & Reviews

Lakewoode Park Homes - Michigan, Novi / Continued Harassment/threaenting letters

Mar 06, 2013

Since this posting the association is sending threatening letters to show their power. The woman in 22728 had her friend come over Saturday and park next to my car. She has done this twice already, this makes for the third time that my car ended up with dent marks in the passenger back door on the drivers side. She had her friends park in the paid for spot by this condo, it was a green similar to a "love bug" car. The car squeezed in next to mine, (which is again the paid for spot which belongs to this condo), because the woman who lives at 22728 parked in the spot next to this spot, which she...

Lakewoode Park Homes - Michigan, Novi / Intimatation-Red pick up truck

Mar 01, 2013

I just posted another harassment/intimation complaint regarding this condo establishment. Every time we make a complaint about the maintenance staff, this guy in a red beat up pick up truck shows up in the parking lot. This truck has not been here in months. I posted wrong doings on the part of the maintenance staff here and now he is showing up again. He drives a older model red pick up truck with a loud muffler. He is white with medium length dark brown hair, he wears a baseball hat and does not shave. He looks heavy and burly looking, not clean, about 5'9. He parks in the parking...

Lakewoode Park Homes - Michigan, Novi / Intimtation

Mar 01, 2013

For fifteen plus years the maintenance team here has been harassing my elderly mom and sister. My mom is gone, but the harassment continues to be directed at my sister and at me every time I'm come to over to help her at her condo. Any repairs or lawn/snow removal is done in a sloppy, unfinished, incomplete manner and done with an attitude. When they would leave the condo all of a sudden they would see the maintenance truck drive by real slow looking at them to see if they noticed what they didn't do, waiting for a reaction. Every time after the snow removal just as my sister i...

Lakewoode Park Homes - Michigan, Novi / Harassment

Feb 27, 2013

My sister and mother have lived in this park for over 20 yrs. Every year no matter if they pay their association fee on time or not they have had the same trouble since this new management took over, over ten years ago. We just had another snow storm. Their condo on the whole block and building #79 is the only one that has piles of snow that is left from the scraper. The piles have a streak of snow then big chunks of snow left in piles. They shovel the snow up on the grass and you can see the dirt and grass has been torn up. Every year the trucks lurk around and when they see me coming out the...