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KSW Marketing Complaints & Reviews

KSW Marketing - New Jersey, Cherry Hill / JOB OPPORTUNITY


Do not apply for a position with this company. Their job postings (on career or for example) are false. Anyone looking for a solid career with opportunity to advance should stay away from this company. I drove over an hour to their main office for an interview that had nothing to do with the type of job that was posted online. My interview was no more than 5 minutes and the person who interviewed me was very unprofessional. This is a pyramid scam and will lead you no where. Do not waste your time! Unless you went to college to learn how to distrubute coupons, this is not what you are looking for.

KSW Marketing - New Jersey / position


People who get an interview with this company should definately google the company and check out [redacted]s. There is not to many considering the customers(random ppl) dont look into it. I worked with them one day and we litteraly had to go door to door acting like college kids tryin to raise money for our schooling. Showing them specials at local restraunts and trying to make them buy coupons basicly. It was horrible. It is not a real job and it takes up your whole day. You get paid by what you sell. BEWAREEEE!