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kixeye/ war commander Complaints & Reviews

kixeye/ war commander / account Banned with no proof of CHeating

Aug 15, 2015

i have been playing this game since 4 months with id [protected]. i found myself banned on 14 august without any proof of cheating. recently with a war with some english people this action was taken which clearly shows a Racist attitude and unfair and biased behaviour of kixeye towards asian. i am sure that this act is simply a Racist Act.i asked kixeye for review and to give me a proof but they did not. kixey is biased and Racist that is for sure.

kixeye/ war commander - Washington / fraud and emotional distress

Feb 09, 2013

I have spent $10, 000 on this hack game. all they do is hack me out odff game and gang up on me when I am not hacked out. there are kixeye employees posing as game players all over this game. They cheat and steal inside thee game all day long. then u get mad and spend more money to get back at them. The admin rules with an iron fist in chat. will kick u out in a heart beat just because. These criminals at kixeye deserve a prison cell, I also believe there is a massive hacking/ID theft ring operating inside this game. I have had to flee my apartment and fear for my life because of hackers I...