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Kings Auto Show Complaints & Reviews

Kings Auto Show - New York, Brooklyn / NONE


I think this is one of the greatest places I've looked for a car. They were straight forward with me and even though my credit was horrible. They were able to get me a loan, I didn’t drive away with the Mercedes I wanted but they did help me drive a loaded Maxima because I didn’t have the full down payment available for the Mercedes. So don’t believe all the hype they're probably just other dealers hating on them. I dealt with Steve and he knew exactly what to do ask for him.

Kings Auto Show - New York, Brooklyn / Fraud


A true bunch of liars...Kings Auto Show, used car dealers in Brooklyn, NY. Purchased a car, paid in full - Fed Xed them a cashiers check. Drove 7 hours to meet them in CT and they simply didn't show. No call, wouldn't return our calls. Total runaround and lie after lie, after lie. We were hysterical and they sincerely didn't care about what they did to us. Like this was a perfectly normal day for them. So, we drove back home, stunned, feeling like complete suckers, praying that they wouldn't cash the check, knowing that we had just gotten scammed. Our salesman, George...

Kings Auto Show - New York, Brooklyn / Misleading people!


Kings Auto Show is the worst dealership in the world, they are not professional at all. They lie to people by telling them that they are approved when they are not approved at all but preapproved and to make matters worst they lead you on by telling you to go pick a car, while you are out picking a car they are sitting back doing nothing but making you believe they are talking to financial advisers and the bank its all a lie. This dealership need to burn down they are a group of liars and non professionals who should all find a better job it was the most horrible experience.