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I paid $69 in 2007 for "The Karaoke Guide" which was supposed to show me how to get free karaoke downloads. It was supposed to be so user friendly "any computer novice" could make it work. I had to have a computer expert install it. It lead me to a web site called Realmworld which is a free site. The owner of Realmworld then asks for donations to keep the site going. If you do not give them money you begin to have technical problems. I complained about the service and they banned me. I went through hell with those rude insensitive people. I feel like I deserve some satisfaction. I should at least get my $69 back. / No resolve on inactive account


In 2007 I purchased this product which enables file sharing of Karaoke music. The product works just fine and they offer 90 days free support. In December 2008 my account became inactive, when I read through the download instructions it states that accounts will become inactive if not used in 21 days. I tried to log on, but keep getting kicked off. When I email [email protected] I got no response. I was unable to log onto support because my account was inactive. There is no phone # or address as an alternate way of contacting them. I decided to buy another version and used the same...