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Kaback Model Management Complaints & Reviews

Kaback Model Management / Bait and Switch/Fraudulent requests for money

Oct 14, 2015

This is a complete SCAM! I was almost fooled by this company and their requests to leave ridiculous deposits with them. I was approached by a lady in the mall and invited to an "interview, " which I attended and which seemed very legitimate on its face. I was then invited to a "second interview" where they essentially inflated my ego and called me a "rich kid." They initially made it appear as though they were professionals and that they would not request models to pay them. In facts, they stressed that modeling agencies NEVER request models to pay a deposit. Of course, it is common sense that...

Kaback Model Management - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Scam

Jan 09, 2013

I (extremely stupidly) was essentially guilted into signing a contract with VIP Talent aka Kaback Model Management. They wanted an obsene amount of money upfront to "represent" me, but I talked the souless Alycia Kaback into lowering the price. After signing, I was told I had to make a third appointment with Golde in the Feasterville office. With no car and no great way of public transit to get there, I rented a car for the day. Upon arrival, I was told that Golde could not see me that day because she was way behind in her schedule. I was livid but rescheduled. Next time a week later, exact...

Kaback Model Management - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / wanted money without answering questions

Jun 12, 2011

A talent scout approached my daughter urging her to call for an appointment with Alycia Kaback, so she could be evaluated as a model. My daughter, quite taken with the idea, spoke with Ms. Kaback and was told to come back the next day. That was when she hit my daughter with the bill. A minimum of $500.00 was required. When my daughter said she was hoping to make money first and pay fees out of her first job, Kaback got very impatient and told her you have to spend money to make money--but 500 dollars to include a few photos on a website seemed outrageous. When I e-mailed the office asking...