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k2smokes Complaints & Reviews

k2smokes - New York / ripped off again


I ordered and paid for 9 cartons in july and only received 6. sent constant e-mails to solve it that went unanswered. then like an idiot I placed a 6 carton order dec 31st that to date I have yet to receive. I do how ever get advertisements about there products. so I got taken for alittle over a hundred. got contacted once by an individual calling himself brian wilson. yet still no answers to many e-mails to resolve this issue. so any one thinking of using this company run don't walk away cause the only thing you will receive is air and expensive air at that. you will be waiting a very very long time and the only thing you will get is frustration of being ripped off. sincerely jason la roche

k2smokes / Found International Complaint Board for k2smokes


Found an INTERNATIONAL COMPLAINT BOARD for all of us who have been ripped off by k2smokes. Go to Maybe if enough of us file complaints, someone with enough power will finally shut these *%^*$^& down!Friend and I together ripped off 308.81. Did not receive our orders. On one order I was supposedly given a credit on my account. When I ordered using this credit, they still charged me. When I informed them of this, they actually responded to my e-mail with a "We don't see any of our records showing that we charged you. Send us a copy of your...

k2smokes / What happened?


Add me to the list of losers... Just wonder what happened to turn this company?! I have ordered from K2Smokes for years with good experiences...always here in 10 days, maybe couple weeks! Last order was placed months back never arrived. Why would a somewhat upstanding business suddenly turn scam operation??? I can't believe some of the replies some of you are getting from them!

k2smokes / Scam Fraud Cheat Steal Rob


K2Smokes cheated me out of over $140. They never sent my order, and they never respond to any emails. I wish I had searched their name before ordering from them, as many sites complain about them being liars, cheats, and con artists. Avoid these crooks at all costs. You are forced to pay with an e-check, so you have to recourse with your bank to get your money back. They are thieves.

k2smokes / This company is a rip off and a scam artist


Here is a letter from and then i sent my response. Re: i need my money refunded, no store credit because you are nothing but a rip off companythursday, july 30, 2009 7:16 am From: "julia baron -" <[email protected]>add sender to contactsto: "'emily lois crawford'" <[email protected]>what are you talking about? $323. 16? You have ordered 2 times and paid for These orders: # 194426 ($73. 74) and # 197667 ($73. 74) and when you wrote to Me that your order 197667 has not arrived i gave you credit $101. 94 (Exact Amount for 6 cartons) . So...

k2smokes / K2Smokes Cigarette Scam


K2Smokes and Rebel Smokes are both owned by LMB Trading, and both are well known scam sites for internet cigarette sales. Orders are not filled, and emails are not answered. also lists them as a scam and fraud company. You may as well throw your money in the garbage. You will receive nothing from these crooks.

k2smokes / Scam


The company is K2 smokes. It is a company out of Switzerland that sells mail order cigarettes. The company has been sending cigarettes to us, and all of a sudden they stopped coming, and they claim they can't refund our money because we need proof from the post office that we didn't get them. And the post office can't track packages from overseas. They are a would be nice to let people know this.