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Juniper Complaints & Reviews

Juniper / Unauthorized billing


I recently applied for a Juniper VISA through the Apple store and was instantly approved with a $4000.00 credit limit, which I used to buy a new MacBook Pro and some other items. Each month I paid approximately $1000.00 before the due date. At the end of November I paid the remaining balance of $1990.00 way before the due date. The following month Juniper sent me another bill with a zero balance except for a finance charge of $86.12. After talking to several rude Juniper reps, I discovered the fine print on the second or third page of my statement stating that the finance charge was due a few...

Juniper - New York, New York / Theft

These people are thieves and incompetents. I'm on a hardship program, and they've stolen money out of my bank account even though I made a timely payment. I took a screen shot of my account page showing that my 3/30/09 payment is paid (it won't attach here because it's too large). I took a screen shot because they pulled this one on me last month -- told me the extra payment they stole from my account was credited to my next payment, and my account page showed it. I made the mistake of believing them, and then they went ahead and hit my bank account anyway, assessed me a late...

Juniper - Delaware, Wilmington / mastercard

In may of 2008 I took my statement to the bank and western unioned the balance of the statement to juniper.(prior to this the first month I had the card I requested that there was to be no online banking, paper billing only. they still left it online, unknown to me, they made my first payment late. So it was to be changed to paper only)So, anyway it left me with a balance of 3.69. Now its october, juniper never sent me a bill showing the balance.Which I would have taken care of then. From may to October they have been slaping on the late fees to the sum of 169.00 and never ever sent a paper bill showing the bal. of 3.69. And they want 169.oo which is not fair. ITS BAD BUISSNESS!

Juniper - Delaware / Unethical and exploitative


I had a Juniper card with zero balance for years. I started using it for business travel, didn't miss a single payment and they charged me 32%!!! I emailed for a lower rate and they said there was nothing they could do. My credit score is in the mid 700s. I guess I don't charge enough for their taste. I have since closed my account. These people are true vultures and demonstrate why this industry needs some regulation. Without any over site you get this kind of limitless greed and unethical business. Imagine someone who may get in a little over their heads and be locked in with these...

Juniper / Beware


I called to get a payout on my account. I paid the said amount, but I got another bill, and they said it was from interest. So I paid that amount and they took two days to "process" my online payment, thus making me late! I owed nothing on my account but was held to a $40 late payment fee!!! Other reputable businesses would have waived the fee, especially since I was never late in making payments prior! I am submitting a letter to their corporate office to tell them this sad story of low-down business tactics! Juniper ***.

Juniper / They charged me bogus overlimit fees


This credit card is a scam. They told me to send them $ 230 to bring my bal under its limit. (made over limit by Account protect plus.)I paid what they said, canceled the acct protect, and still got charged with it and a $39 over limit fee for $1.60!! For months my minimum pymnt did not take this into account. Oh, don't ever use their card. You can get a better deal from the Sopranos.Iam going to pay these people off soon, and file my opinion with the BBB, and my state's trade commission. I see there are others to whom similar things have happened with Juniper. I will spread the word about them.