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John / service and washroom facilities

Nov 23, 2017

I'm ordering from the breakfast menu. #8, coffee, wrap, AND hassbrown up size coffee to large, and breakfast crousant. When I get my order no hassbrown, I asked for the hassbrown she said no you didn't order it I said I ordered the # 8 from the menu it shows a hassbrown, no you have to ask for it I said I ordered the # 8, she just said no and walked away. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. also the location had no washroom for men working and a big sign on the ladies saying Women only. I don't think that this location should be open with no washrooms it's a necessity now a days, and will be limiting visits to...

John / milfshookup website

Jun 27, 2014

Dear fellow men Just came across this website and decided to share my views with other like minded men who are viewing these women on sites like Milfshookup. I really haven't paid as I am not as naive as some of my fellow men. Although I was very much temted to pay for a short time just to see if it works. On the other hand it's much more reliable to go to a brothel and simply pay your way. My fellow men please take it easy and be aware, Cheers John

John - Washington, Vancouver / quail homes be ware shaddy contractors

Sep 26, 2013

Quail homes screw over there subcontractors! While you might higher quail homes to build or remodel your home, the sub contractors that they higher end up never getting paid or only partially paid!! That is why they have such a high turn around of subcontractors. I was skeptical before performing work for them and should of listen to my gut and walked away. Only the few subs that they have working for them for years get paid but its still months after project is done. You really need to focus and call every day for about 2-3 months before you see some of your money. They also come up with a...

John - New Jersey, Montvale / unfair labor act


I am an empolyee at the superfresh in elridge, md, washington blvd, I am very upset with the company that I worked for, for so many years to be treated like this, after giving them my time and hard work, then I got hurt on the job, but didnt report it, and been fighting for unempolyment, and being declined it because superfresh is holding me on payroll and wont offer me an light dutie job, so I cant get unemployment, that is how they screw there employees and help, I been in 37 a/p stores and 5 superfreshes, and they dont worry about us as employees, I started in 1976 in sunvalley a/p then wa...

John / john


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