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Joel Cheeves Complaints & Reviews

Joel Cheeves - Maryland / more truth... unbelieveable that she has the nerve to do something like this

I have know cheeves for over 5 years. Although we have never met in person, doesn't mean that I haven't been accused of it by betsy. That woman has some serious mental problems. She lacks trust, faith, humility, and grace. She thinks she knows what is going on and she is so far from the truth on so many subject. I have never met a woman that loves to toment he man like she has done with cheeves. She has such a poor outlook no wonder why she never has happiness, and doubtful that she will ever find happiness. She has harassed me on several occassions in regards to cheeves. She never listened...

Joel Cheeves - Maryland / truth be told


Joel Cheeves is not a deadbeat. He is a singer/song writer, successful in the music industry and a wonderful friend to have. Anyone who is around him long enough knows that Betsy Wallace is a jealous, spiteful person who just wants him so much she will stop at nothing to either get him back or destroy him. Yes, he frequents the internet. Affording him the opportunity to network with individuals in the music industry throughout the world. He preys on no one. He has a car, clothes, shoes and everything else because of his successful career. He supports both of his children, whom he loves and...

Joel Cheeves - Maryland, Annapolis / Deadbeat dad!


Joel Cheeves originally from Philadelphia, PA, calls himself a singer/songwriter/DJ etc. This man goes from woman to woman leaching off whatever he can get. And is good at it. He always has a car, new computers, new clothes, new shoes. He will move any place in the country to be where the money is. He uses the internet to met his followers, usually paltalk messenger or camfrog or any other webcam chat there is out there. He will check you out for a while then make his move. He tries to keep many women at a time. He is very good at getting women to believe him. For those such women who...