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Jhanea Miller Complaints & Reviews

Jhanea Miller / All lies

Aug 7, 2014

I'm here as my self to say all the complaints about my self are all lies did not breed all the dogs they said i only bred akc collies only owned 1 male 1 female first litter was in 2006 2nd and last one in 2009 and 2010. . . I no longer breed any thing my male collie was fixed in 2013 i have proof and i no longer have the female or any female. . . So to the crater to the first one take it down please here in louisiana it is illegal to online bullying thank you. . . Jhanea miller

Jhanea Miller / taking up for ms miller


Well I have nothing bad to say about Ms. Miller no one has said that the collies she breeds she donates one to a family from each litter to be used as service dogs for people who have seizures like my husband who she donated a pup to and so far that has been the best thing to happen to our family since he was diagnosed. we have a pup from her to keep some of the worrying with him off of me. She is a nice person to me and people need to stay in their own house hold before they talk about someone else's because i am sure that if i was to go to your house (who ever is saying the things) i could find things to talk about you and your house. So before you talk about other people think about yourself first.

Jhanea Miller - Louisiana, Greenwood / Beware - Backyard Breeder!


BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE This woman is a backyard breeder. She breeds all sorts of animals for PROFIT with NO regard to breed standard, genetics, socializing the animals, and maintaining their health. Jhanea Miller has bred siamese cats, bengal cats, bichon frises, chihuahuas, collies, and, according to her website, is now going to breed maltese. She has had animals EUTHANIZED because they have not been successful at breeding, or they developed a problem that she cannot afford. She changes her "kennel name" frequently to keep people guessing, but if you do a search...