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JCP Complaints & Reviews

JCP / my account

Aug 2, 2018

I got billed for $.13. From what I could make out from talking to someone in your customer service, there was confusion on the amount I owed, and what I payed. I can't believe that JCP is that hard up for money, that they would bill me for $.13. As much as I shop at your stores, and what I drop in money, that I would get a bill for lousy $.13. From talking to the lady, she told me that I had until 16/19 Aug 18 to pay the $.13, and they wanted the money. From this, I will start being frugal about shopping at any JCP from now on and how much money I spend. I always pay my bills on time, and I pay at least 4 sometimes 5 times the amount that I owe. A very UNHAPPY customer. Linda Coleman

JCP - Michigan, Carson City / stafford mens pocket tees

Jul 6, 2018

I have been trying for nearly two months to place an online order for Mens Stafford Pocket Tees size large. I would like to know if these will ever be online again? They continually say "out of stock" I am disabled and cannot get to the store so "online" is good for me. I have left several messages and ask for a return phone call from the JCP store in Carson City Nv. No calls have been returned. Please let me know how I can order some of these shirts?

JCP / online order

Dec 8, 2017

I made an online order from Jcp never had a problem with ordering before. My order arrive on time one of the boxes that I receive was something that I did not order but that package had that item number on the it, I order clothes and they sent a cuisinart food spiralizer I called spoke with a some one that said to I had to send the item I didn't order back not a problem but she then say to me that I had to reorder that item I wanted mind you I already paid for the item but she said I had to pay for it again then when they received the wrong item they would credit me back I have been in retail...

JCP - Kentucky, Louisville / worthless mds in outlet store in louisville ky

May 31, 2012

while on vacation in louisville kentucky, my wife noticed a jc penney outlet. Having been a shopper at regular stores where some quality seems to exist, she thought the same degree of quality would be offered there. Not so. The pieces of crap towels purchased there, did not even survive ONE washing. They literally fell apart. Royalty brand was the name, and i'm sure they must be some off the wall import. I'm really surprised a company as large as JCP would even allow such crap on their shelves, but obviously they do. What this has done to erode our customer confidence in the entire...