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janitorial Complaints & Reviews

janitorial - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / PRICING AND EARNINGS

May 29, 2015

If you ever think on buying a frachise to start a business this is the worst company you can ever think about. they offer you to earn an amount of money you will never earn, you pay your money to work for them and they treat you like dirt or less. when they see that you have the potential to keep a business they make you loose the account to force you to buy more accounts from them so they can continue earning while you continue loosing. Never buy a franchise with COVERALL if you don't want to loose your money, waist your gas, and waist your time.

janitorial / Scam


This company, which is allegedly own by Bill Bryant, offers to help you gain cleaning contracts up to 4 per month. I paid them $4, 000 to get bonded and insured and to receive several contracts, leads, or proposals a month. They met with me a few times to keep up with the scam. I asked for the bonding/insurance info that they allegedly purchased for me which should have been easy to produce because usually they send a confirmation through email or mail. Well when I started asking questions I never heard back from them. I have a pending claim against them with the Atlanta DON'T...