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Irish Jacks/Violet Meadow Farm Complaints & Reviews

Irish Jacks/Violet Meadow Farm / Dogs' Temperament/Unethical Owner

Sep 20, 2013

I'm posting this in order to warn other folks who may want to buy an Irish Jack from Violet Meadow Farms. I have two of these dogs from Susan purchased 9 and 10 years ago. Both are spayed females. The second dog had active Parvo virus which manifested itself on our drive home with the puppy from New Jersey to our home in Michigan. I managed to keep her alive with a syringe and some Pedia-Lite untile we could get her to a vet. She did survive but the vet bill was $2300.00. Susan only refunded the price of the dog--$1700. Though we took both dogs through puppy training and socialization, they have...

Irish Jacks/Violet Meadow Farm - New Jersey / Irresponsible Breeder


We bought an adorable Irish Jack from Violet Meadow Farm in 2005. The dog became more aggressive the longer we owned him. Eventually, our dog trainer suggested we contact the breeder and return him, noting that "all responsible breeders will always take their animals back. We were not looking for a refund of any kind, just a safe home for a difficult dog. Keith Butler of Irish Jacks initially agreed to take our dog bak but then proceeded to ignore our emails and numerous phone calls to arrange a time to return him. Their voicemail box filled and was unable to take anymore message...

Irish Jacks/Violet Meadow Farm - New Jersey, Glen Gardner / Unethical Business Practices


Beware of Susan Sarao of Violet Meadow Farms, also known as Irish Jacks! The puppies are adorable, but they are imported from mills in Ireland and receive no vetting prior to going up for sale. She does all the vaccinations and worming herself (is this legal?). She also sells puppies with congenital problems and then tries to wait until you bond to them so she can keep your money. All the while she plays mind games and tries to make you feel guilty, when she is the one being dishonest. When I returned the puppy to her because she would not cover the vet bills for pre-existing congenital...