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Iraida Estate Agency Complaints & Reviews

Iraida Estate Agency / oasis marina

Sep 18, 2013

So glad to find this forum. We purchased an apartment in full in Nov 2008. Everything going fine at first but now no contact with Iraida. They do not respond to e-mails etc. Starting to look into legal proceedings as we just want our money back. Would be great to hear from other owners if they've had any success or can offer any advice.

Iraida Estate Agency / letting customers down

Jun 16, 2012

I am totally surprised that there are no complaints about this company as they have let hundreds of British and European clients down when purchasing homes from their Real Estate Agency. They take peoples money for properties and hardly ever complete especially on the Oasis Marina etc projects in Hurghada. Customers have paid for their apartments some in full and are still waiting for their apartments to be finished years later. There is no communication skills in this company and they are still advertising their properties on their website and promising people finished apartments on the date...