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International Electronics superstore Complaints & Reviews

International Electronics superstore - Florida, Sawgrass Mills / Products mark up

May 12, 2013

Went there to buy a lens I needed for my DSLR camera. They ended up selling me a filter I didn't require for a mark-up of over 800%. They also charged me for some lens cap holders which they said would fit perfectly my 4 lenses and they didn't. I saw those cap holders in for less than $ 2 each and they sold me those for $ 29.99 each. Next day I returned to the store...

International Electronics superstore - Florida, Sunrise / Take Care - You pay way to much

Feb 24, 2013

Don't buy anything there - they have made a living out of selling at extremely high prices to tourist who not are aware of the right prices. When you ask for a certain product they find and then starts to promote a lot of others. They do it to draw your attention away from the product you asked for. In this way you miss to ask the question "how much is the product you want". So after 10 minutes you return, you trust the sales man and when he mention the price you parades are down and you think its a fair price he gives you. Result - I bought 2 Bowes Hoods for 100 $ - when i came back to my hotel I found out that the real price should have been 25´$. They are con artists - take care.

International Electronics superstore - Florida / Overpriced and with lying staff

Nov 15, 2011

I was deceived by them recently when I had to buy memory cards (8 GB SDHC). The price of the package was $ 399 (!), I paid $ 65. For memory cards that should cost about $ 12. I could be so fooled because I needed a really high speed card, and when the speed was not specified on the product I trusted the sellers assurance. After I came out of the store and finally succeeded connect to the mall's wifi, I saw that I been tricked. I contacted the store who just dismissed me. I went to the information desk where they said they could do nothing. Then I talked to a security guard who advised me to...

International Electronics superstore - Florida, Sunrise / Scam

Aug 13, 2011

I was Scammed ! They put false sticker on the box, leading me to believe that the sicker was the retail price. Which in fact that was not true and charged me three times the amount of retail. I returned to the store the very next day to return everything I purchase at the store. I told them that I check on line and sow that the retail price was three timeless the amount that they had put on the box sticker. I even Scan the label on the back of the sick. the amount scan $399.00 they had a sticker amount to 1, 399.99. They sold this one merchandise to me for half that amount. I went in person...