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International Award Payment Center Complaints & Reviews

International Award Payment Center - Missouri, Kansas City / Sweepstakes fraud

Mar 26, 2017

I received a letter requesting $9 processing fee to win $15, 000 Investigate and shut them down. List of names who supposedly won with one name blacked out. Probably someone who can afford a lawsuit against them unlike me. The return address is International Award Payment Center PO biox 219620 Kansas City MO 64121-9629 Follow up call or mail me Michael Schroer 5913 Chambersburg rd Huber heights Ohio 45424 Hard to read there address IAPC 1401 Armour rd North Kansas City MO 64 HG USA Will attack a few pictures of letter

International Award Payment Center - Missouri, Kansas City / 2,000,000.00 claiming several people have won.

Feb 15, 2016

I got this letter stating I won 2, 000, 000.00. Wanting money of 12.00-20.00. I figured it was a scam so I went to the web site (International Award Payment Center) sure enough hundreds of people maybe even thousands of people got these. Please close them down as some people won't know you don't have to pay money when you win something. A scam got me for over 5000.00 a few years ago and now I look everything up before I send anything in. Please don't let this happen to any more people.

International Award Payment Center - Alabama, Huntsville / Prize competition

Feb 2, 2016

My name is Rebecca Healy I have recieved letter after letter for the past couple of months wanting me to send money to claim money . If it was a real award you should not have to pay for it. First time they wanted $4, then $9, now its $40 its getting very uncomfortable and I actually sent in a nine dollar check. Stupid on my part. They are saying send in $40 to get closer to getting a prize check of $20, 000, 00 because I am in a tie breaker of some competition that I dont even remember entering. All I play for is publishers clearing house. I wish to stop being harassed or I file a freaking...

International Award Payment Center - Missouri, Kansas City / Offer of large sum of money

Dec 26, 2015

Received a notice from Corporate Headquarters International Award payment Center 1401 Armour Road North Kansas City, MO 64116 USA in regular mail. Has Id #ENV-188-FC also says computer tracked. Date on envelope is date 2012 time 10:08 Has check made out in my name Helen Cook 55 Slow hand Drive, Hughesville, Pa 17737-8019 for 15K. I am unable to make out who signed it to endorse check. Requesting I pay a 9.00 fee and they ask what they call "a qualifying question" One bundle contains 450 $20 bills. What should be the total value of 30 bundles? check box below answers is either 270, 000 or 405...

International Award Payment Center - Missouri, North Kansas City / $15,000 award from 1401 Armour rd kansas city MO ?

Dec 19, 2015

Received a red courier express envelope from Arthur Lee at the corporate headquarters stating if I send $9 dollars registration fee and give an answer to a question I could advance to the 2nd round and receive $15, 000. I wonder if they exist an have ever rewarded anyone anything or just take $9 from millions and just pocket it.

International Award Payment Center / Scams on sweepstakes

Dec 6, 2013

I've sent these people money because they were telling me that I have a good chance to win this sweepstakes of the sum of 15, 000.00 dollars, and another one for 20, 000.00 dollars and just sent them two money orders for both of them. Along with it were two qualify questions that I answered so I feel that this could be a scam. I want these people to pay for the wrong that they are doing to me and millions of other people that are pulled in by this as well. Sincerely yours, Migdalia Rosa

International Award Payment Center - Missouri, Kansas City / &IAPC Blue Series X& competition award

Jan 20, 2013

asking for money in order to be paced in a drawing they call a "competition" what is nature of this so called "competition?"

International Award Payment Center - Missouri, Kansas City / Scam

Aug 19, 2011

My wife received an letter today, stating that if she would send $9.00, she would get $15, 000.00 check. I instantly thought SCAM.

International Award Payment Center / I believed It is scam

Feb 18, 2011

I recieved a letter by post yesterday Feb.17, 2011.The contains is about the money that I need to confirmed.I need to return the reply envelope with $25.00 au to process. I try to search last night I foundout it is a scam.Today Feb.18 I received another letter from the post about MONEY MOTION VI. DECLARATION OF DECISION TO NOMINATE. FORM NO.B 1 E F3-F. PREPARED DOCUMENT FIRST STAGE ENTRY NOMINATION CONFIRMED. MOTION TO NOMINATE AUTHORIZED BY: THOMOS MOOSE-JUDGE AND THE OTHER ONE I CANT READ WELL THE SIGNATURE. The person who put my name Mary Kelley.I dont know this person.I dont play this kind...

International Award Payment Center - Missouri, Kansas City / Contest scam/blue series viii


My husband recieved this today the form 1080 request a $9.00 fee in cash, check or money order . Yes it ask for cash... sounded suspicious therefore when I went on line I found previous contest from this same Company asking for a $20.00 fee and the series was listed as Blue series VI so we knew it had to be a repeated scam.

International Award Payment Center - Kansas, Kansas City / Competition Fraud


They are still sending out fake cheques and asking to send in $25 AU - wow at a saving of $5.00, normally $30! Then apparently they will send me a cheque for $15, 000.00 pending official declaration as the final winner! I guess that is the their loophole - there is no official declaration. How they got my address in Australia is beyond me. I was suspicious straight away and googled them. Not surprisingly there are pages of Scam Alerts for this so called business. I just want to know how to get off their hit list.

International Award Payment Center - Tennessee / They want $9 to enter sweepstakes


They want my son to sent them $9 to be entered in the contest. I don't believe this is legitimate, and my son is a minor

International Award Payment Center - British Columbia, Maple Ridge / Misleading Scam


I received a courier envelope today from the Company above, listing their address, to submit return Form and cash, check or money order for 20$ to : International Award Payment Center (IAPC) 1401 Armour Road, N.Kansas City, MO 64116 USA. I know you have laws to deal with these lowlife types and hope this letter helps you charge the people running this scam.: Contact me at: [email protected] Thank you Good luck Don Ackert

International Award Payment Center / Harassment


a continuous amount of junk mail asking for $20 so that I may claim my $15, 000 ... yes, I could use the cash ... no, I'm an 80 year old Woman and I've lived long enough not to be a fool. ... These people and thier ilk should be closed down and fined ... Trying to take advantage of Folk just isn't right ...