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InSinkErator Complaints & Reviews

InSinkErator / badger garbage disposal model 5-84

Apr 30, 2018

I've never had any issues with a garbage disposal in our many houses we lived. This new house we custom built and moved in 2013, so the disposal is dated Sept. 2013 on the serial number. Yesterday my cabinet under the sink had water after running my dishwasher. The water was coming out of the hole in the very bottom of the unit, and luckily I had a catchall bin underneath that caught most of the water. All my research on this issues says just buy a new one if this is the case, that there is corrosion inside that can't be repaired. The warranty was for 2 years, so I have no recourse but get a...

InSinkErator / INSINKERATOR warranty. What a bluff!!!!.

Feb 21, 2011

INSINKERATOR warranty. What a bluff!!!. In December 2009 I bought an INSINKERATOR PROEXCEL 1 HP. One of the main incentives I had was the product’s seven year warranty. After one year using the product, it presented a problem. I called the company, which confirmed the 7 yr. warranty. A customer service representative tried to help me to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, it was clear then that a technician had to check it to assess it. I was told that the warranty covered only manufacturing defects. That is, if the technician attested during the visit that there was not a manufacturing...

InSinkErator / Corroded and flooded under the sink


Insinkerator corroded and flooded under the sink. This happened after 2 years. I see full of hard water stuff in it. Fortunately when I called insinkerator they were nice to send me the newer model i.e stainless steel tank with out any charges. I guess they are very considerate in that sense. Or they are aware of this problem. I read somewhere on the web they have recalled some of the models because of similar problem and electrical hazard. Hope my stainless steel model will last longer!