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Imosh.Com Complaints & Reviews

Imosh.Com - New Jersey / Fraudulent trader

Feb 01, 2013

I just fell for the same scabby company imosh, only now I see they have pulled the same scam on others. On 15th December I ordered some jewellery from their website imosh, com and paid with paypal. On the 16th December they emailed me to say it was out of stock and would be in and posted on 30th December. By 23rd January I had received nothing, so sent them a number of emails, which were all ignored. Only when I sent them a further email threatening Resolution Centre did they bother to reply, which said "is it okay to ship now?" I gave them a further week and still no delivery, but in giving...

Imosh.Com / Avoid!

Nov 13, 2012

Recieved order confirmation, informed order was out of stock, and would ship 5th of November.Money was deducted from Mastercard And still nothing has arrived, no confirmation on whether items are still out of stock, in stock, have been shipped or anything else. No response period actually. Very sorry business practices. Only lost 15 dollars fortunately. Avoid this lot. -R